Advice 1: As at Classmates to see pictures is a website which is very popular not only among youth but also among older people. This social network allows people to communicate with their friends using the ordinary correspondence or video sessions. In addition, in this network, you can watch videos, listen any to songs, play games, use applications, to give each other gifts and view the page in different groups and any users whose profiles are open.
As at Classmates to see pictures
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
If you want to see pictures of any user and Classmates, go to their profile page. There you will see the following tabs: "Main", "Friends", "Photos", "Groups", "Notes", "Video", "More". It is easy to guess that to view photos you need to click on the "Photos" tab. You will see a window where will be located all the personal photos of the user. To view them in order, click on the first photo. It will be increased. To go to the next or previous photo, click the arrows located to the left and to the right of the photo.
In addition to personal photos, you can see a photo on which he noted his friends, and photo albums created by this user. All of these photos you will find, if you click on the "Photos" tab, only instead of "private photos", you will need to navigate to the "photo Albums" or "photos of friends".
However, apart from the usual users of the site, there are also those craftsmen who made their profiles private, while paying 20 Shackles. To view photos of this user, first you'll need to add him as a friend. If the person with the private profile accepted your friend request, you will be able to see pictures of him as well as watched the pictures of ordinary users.
Another interesting way of viewing custom photos on the website is viewing my profile with "invisible." This is a paid service, its cost, as well as the cost of "private profile" is the Shackles 20 (or 20 Russian rubles). The period of service is only 10 days, after this period you can extend it by re-activating the service. If you are "invisible", you can watch pictures and any other information of any user, and they will not know exactly who visited their page.

Advice 2: As Classmates view profile

In a social network "Classmates" is registered thousands of users from Russia and other countries that have a personal page to communicate with each other. Pages or profiles there are both open and closed type, therefore can be viewed in different ways.
As Classmates view profile
Select the desired user profile in a social network "Schoolmates" and click on it. It can be done, for example, using search engines, finding the right page among the search results and clicking on its link. You can also find a link to the user profile from him personally or his friends and enter in the address bar of your browser.
View looks like the profile of this user. If it is fully open to all users of the Internet, you will see all the personal data of the person, placed on his page, will be able to see a list of friends and view photos. But most of all, if you are signed in to a social network, you will be available for viewing only part of the data.
Follow the procedure of the entrance to the "Classmates" by clicking on the appropriate link on the website. If you have not registered in this social network, use the on page instructions to complete this procedure. After receiving the username and password, and passing the verification of the mobile number, enter your details in the appropriate fields and sign in.
Go to the right person. Registered users can see more information in the profiles of other people. However, if part of the data is still hidden, you will not be able to see them if the user is not in your friend list. Click on the "Add friend" and wait while the man does not will review the application received and will not approve it. Once he confirms the application and will be added to the list of your friends, you will have access to all information on the user page.
Useful advice
Remember that there are no ways to view private profiles without registration in the "Classmates" and add the user in friends. Beware of fraudulent sites offering to do it for the money.

Advice 3: How to call Classmates

Good news for users of social networks lovers video - in the "Classmates" now you can not only exchange messages but also to make calls and communicate through web-camera.
How to call Classmates

The function call history allows users to talk with someone by using voice and video. The "classmates" do not need to install any other additional app. Simply promptly update the Adobe Flash Player. A new version of this software will provide quality work service. You will also need a microphone, headphones, speakers, or web camera, with which you will be able not only to make voice calls, but also see companion. To see each other, both users will need the camera. However, if not, you can do without them. In this case, you can only vote communication. But most importantly, during these calls you will not have to pay a dime. And this is the main advantage of "Classmates".

So, you are all set: set the camera, adjusted the sound. Now you can try to call a friend. Click on the button "Messages". Then from the friends list on the left, select the desired interlocutor. Please note, call you can only users who are online. In addition, the user should definitely be in your friends list. Otherwise, to communicate with it will fail. But when you log on to the website your friend will immediately receive a notification that you were trying to reach.

If you wish, you can record a voice or video message to your friend. Then when you log on to the site they will be able to listen to or watch. Simply click the "Burn" button in the working window of the application "Calls" and saying the text.

And now a little more about the calls. In the "Message" select a friend with whom communication plan and press the icon button of the camera. Wait a few seconds while loads the app. If your friend is not online, you will be asked to record the conversation.

If a friend is online, select "full screen" (upper right corner). This dialog is divided into two parts: in the first – in the upper left corner you can see your picture (the same picture I see and your interlocutor), in the main you will see your friend.

Then you just have to set the sound, enable or disable the microphone, to enable or disable video, perform other settings.

Exiting the app, you will also be able to write my companion a text message.

Go to calls, and personal user page. Enough under the main photo and select "Call".

Advice 4: How to buy the service "invisible" to Classmates

Unlike most social networks "Schoolmates" there is a possibility to see your account. But if you look at our own guests interesting to everyone, "light up" on someone else's page, does not want anything. For users who wish to view profiles in the "Classmates" incognito, the resource administration has developed a paid service "Invisible".
How to buy the service "invisible" to Classmates
In invisible mode, the user not only to enter anonymously on other people's pages, but in General the site unnoticed (the icon "online" on avatar thus will not burn).
To be incognito, we should not give grades, write messages and comments. Other users will always see who received the letter.

Early on the guest list instead of the data of the visitor, who wished to remain anonymous, display the avatar invisible. But the developers have improved the service. Mystery guest General leaves no traces – the user won't even know someone had gone through his account.

But the invisible can visit all of the pages. Not available private profiles (unless he is a friend of that user in the social network), as well as the accounts of people who have made it into the "black list".

How to activate "Invisible"

To activate the service, click on the "More" button in the menu located under your photo on the main page. Then, in the list that appears, select "Turn invisible". After this it is necessary to establish the validity of the mode – 10, 25 or 50 days. The service will be activated from the moment of its payment. During the entire period the user can enable and disable stealth mode using the appropriate button on the main page under the avatar. Buy a service can be reused.

Regardless of the chosen term, after which all visits other people's pages in invisible mode will remain hidden.

How to pay for stealth mode

In the "Classmates" all paid services are valued the bonus units OK. This is a kind of currency in the "Classmates", its value depends on the country of residence and Deposit method.

The activation of a "Stealth" for 10 days is 20 OK 25 days – 50 OK, 50 days – 100 OK.
On average, 1 OK is equal to 1 ruble. When cashing out through the phone 20 OK cost about 35 roubles via Bank card or terminal – 20 rubles, using electronic money, from 18 to 22 rubles.

After you choose the duration of the regime, it is necessary to pay for the service, that is cash OK. This can be done in four ways: via phone, payment terminals, Bank cards or electronic money. This is easier and faster just to make a purchase using a mobile phone, but is more profitable – using credit card or electronic cash. If you are going to pay for the service via cell, keep in mind that the rate can also depend on operator.

Advice 5: How to make Schoolmates status is a very popular site which is used by both young people and Mature age. Users of this site to entertain myself in different ways: someone who plays games, someone listening to music, watching videos, talking with friends, and someone who likes to collect interesting and funny statuses.
How to make Schoolmates status
You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
If you want to set the status on the website or to change the old status to new, you must perform the following steps. Go online, browse any search engine and type in the search string text "". You will see a list of different sites, and on the first place of this list should be exactly this social network. Click on the site address, this way you will go to him. In the opened window enter your login and password in special lines.
You will see your page on the website On the left you will see your main photo, and to the right of it will be located in the menu: "Main", "Friends", "Photos", "Groups", "Games", "Notes", "More". Under this menu you will see a special window highlighted by a green border. Click on it, enter your status and click the left mouse button on the "Share" function. So you install on the new status.
If you don't want your status on the website was plain text, you can add any audio recording, photograph, link, or even create a poll. To do this you need to do all the same steps as when you enter ordinary text in the status, and then click on one of the buttons below. The buttons have the following names: "Add text or link", "Add photos", "Add music" and "Add a poll". In addition to the possibility of adding to the status of different objects, you can mark in your status of friends and be confident that they will see this status.
The status can be set as follows. Go to his audio recordings and click on any song. It should start playing. Under the name of the song you will see the inscription: "In status". Click this button, and the song that plays in this moment, to be installed instead of your status.
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