You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
If you want to see pictures of any user and Classmates, go to their profile page. There you will see the following tabs: "Main", "Friends", "Photos", "Groups", "Notes", "Video", "More". It is easy to guess that to view photos you need to click on the "Photos" tab. You will see a window where will be located all the personal photos of the user. To view them in order, click on the first photo. It will be increased. To go to the next or previous photo, click the arrows located to the left and to the right of the photo.
In addition to personal photos, you can see a photo on which he noted his friends, and photo albums created by this user. All of these photos you will find, if you click on the "Photos" tab, only instead of "private photos", you will need to navigate to the "photo Albums" or "photos of friends".
However, apart from the usual users of the site, there are also those craftsmen who made their profiles private, while paying 20 Shackles. To view photos of this user, first you'll need to add him as a friend. If the person with the private profile accepted your friend request, you will be able to see pictures of him as well as watched the pictures of ordinary users.
Another interesting way of viewing custom photos on the website is viewing my profile with "invisible." This is a paid service, its cost, as well as the cost of "private profile" is the Shackles 20 (or 20 Russian rubles). The period of service is only 10 days, after this period you can extend it by re-activating the service. If you are "invisible", you can watch pictures and any other information of any user, and they will not know exactly who visited their page.