Advice 1: How to remove avatar

The social network actively developed every day. There are new versions and updates, which hide the usual standard features and find some features becomes more difficult. To change or delete avatar "Vkontakte", Facebook, Skype or QiP, there are different methods, and this is done in each social network differently.
How to remove avatar
To delete the avatar "Vkontakte", go to your profile, hover over the existing photo in the upper right corner of avatars will come up a small window with a cross, press the cross and the avatar removed. If there was another picture on the avatar, it will replace the remote.
Is there another way to remove the avatar, if you went through the app on your phone or other device with an incomplete version of the network "Vkontakte". Go to main profile and click on avatar. Opens a window with functions. At the bottom is necessary to "Remove". In this case the same as in the previous photo remote also replaces the previous avatar.
In order to completely remove your profile photo and leave a blank window with no avatars, you need to go to the pictures on the page and find the album titled "Photos from my page". If you remove all photos from this album, the avatar is automatically deleted and in its place there will be a standard black-and-white drawing of the network in the form of a small camera.
The social network Facebook to remove the avatar can be almost in the same way, as "Vkontakte". On the profile page in view mode click on the avatar at the bottom will appear the item "Delete this photo". You can delete the whole album with the avatars. Choose the desired album on the page of your profile at the bottom of the album you will see a link "Edit album information". Follow the link and press the Remove function.
Remove Skype profile picture is completely impossible. If you downloaded any picture or photo, then it can only be replaced by a new one. In the Internet you can find pictures of the standard version of the avatars, which was originally at check profile. Retain the standard picture on your computer, go to the profile page in Skype, go to the main menu, select "Tools", option "Settings". At the bottom of the open window there is an item "Change avatar".
You can download old version of Skype 5.3. In this version it was possible to remove the photo, but the downside is that this version has several drawbacks in the General system use.

Advice 2: As at Classmates to change your avatar

By registering in one of the social networks like "Odnoklassniki", you can find old friends, classmates, add them to friends, to exchange information. But first you have to fill out a profile, and without avatars it will be incomplete and insufficiently informative.
As at Classmates to change your avatar
In a social network "Schoolmates" was a lot of people of different ages. To find someone specific, you need to know at least his name. But you can deal with the problem of finding several people who have the same name, and sometimes city of residence. In this case, to know who of the found users need, it is possible for the avatar, assuming that it is a really recognizable photograph, not just a picture. Take the time to choose for your profile quality photo to you it was easy to learn.
On the main page of your profile in the "Classmates" you can see the following tabs: "Main", "Friends", "Groups", "Photo", "Notes", "Games" and "More". First download to your computer the photo you want to make a "face" of your account, click on the "Photos" tab, then select "Add photo". Opens a small window where you need to select the file and confirm the download.
After the photo loads, move your mouse cursor to open the following list of functions that can be applied to photography: "Make main", "tag friends", "Edit description", "Remove". Select the first function, when the question about confirmation, click on Edit your avatar on the "Classmates" is released. If you wish to replace your profile picture to another, just follow the above procedure again, but with a different file.
Keep in mind that for the avatars in the "Classmates" you can only use a personal photo. Pictures from albums in your profile for this purpose to use will not work. If you want to use as avatars photo from the album, just download it to your computer, and then follow the steps above.

Advice 3: How to delete photos in the "Classmates"

If you love to share with friends your photos in the "Classmates", then you probably know that they can rate it. Here you have created a new album uploaded your images, but some of them suddenly did not like you or your friends they are not appreciated. Then the question arises, how to delete photos in the "Classmates".
How to delete photos in Friendster

Using the social network "Classmates", you probably noticed that when you hover over a photo POPs up a menu where you can choose different actions applied to loaded images. Unfortunately, the line that deletes the pictures there.

How to remove photos from albums in the "Classmates"

To delete a photo in Facebook, first you need to login by entering username and password. Once logged into your account, go to Photos and open the album you want.

Under each photo you can see little squares, hover over the ones you don't like and select by pressing the left mouse button.

If all unnecessary images appeared show, note the line at the top above the list of photos, it has a section "to Remove".

Clicking on this button you will get rid of the selected photos.

How to remove the photos from the avatars in the "Classmates"

To remove a photo from "Classmates" in your albums is quite simple. But, decided to take a picture with ava, you will notice that it is impossible.

But do not worry because of this situation there is a way. You just need to change main photo on the new one and then get rid of the old.

To do this, go to the section with photos, hover over any photo and from the popup, select "Make main".

When your avatar updates again, go to the page with the photo and check the old picture on the main profile page. Now you can easily delete photos from "Classmates", acting on instructions described above.

Advice 4: How to get an avatar

In order to make a good avatar, you need to understand that on the basis of it the people will judge who and what you are like. In most cases of vulgarity and arrogance are not welcome, and good manners is considered to be any photos on the job or during class, your hobby, or simply bright, cheerful photos.
How to get an avatar
You will need
  • - Computer
  • - Internet
First, select a photo. The best would be a simple photo, nature background, no frills and postures. In order to show itself in all its glory, you have a photo album, looking at the avatar people have to see your face and eyes, and the more normal expression on your face at this point, the better.
Find out the scale of the avatars, which needs to be maintained. Of course, the sites themselves shrink a photo, but it would be much better if you do it yourself. Cut photos in proportions that are defined in the avatars on the site for which you do avatar.
Use editor Portable Cosmetic Guide in order to retouch skin defects. Try to keep it natural - the abuse of special effects on your marble, unnatural color and texture.
After you're done editing, use the editor ACDSee 9.0 for compressing photos to the desired size. Use a compression method ClearIQZ with maximum quality compression to avoid quality loss.
Upload photos to the site. Make sure it corresponds to how you want to see it. If it is not, correct and re-deliver the corrected version.
Useful advice
Add a thin frame around the photo, of a width of not more than one pixel.
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