To delete the avatar "Vkontakte", go to your profile, hover over the existing photo in the upper right corner of avatars will come up a small window with a cross, press the cross and the avatar removed. If there was another picture on the avatar, it will replace the remote.
Is there another way to remove the avatar, if you went through the app on your phone or other device with an incomplete version of the network "Vkontakte". Go to main profile and click on avatar. Opens a window with functions. At the bottom is necessary to "Remove". In this case the same as in the previous photo remote also replaces the previous avatar.
In order to completely remove your profile photo and leave a blank window with no avatars, you need to go to the pictures on the page and find the album titled "Photos from my page". If you remove all photos from this album, the avatar is automatically deleted and in its place there will be a standard black-and-white drawing of the network in the form of a small camera.
The social network Facebook to remove the avatar can be almost in the same way, as "Vkontakte". On the profile page in view mode click on the avatar at the bottom will appear the item "Delete this photo". You can delete the whole album with the avatars. Choose the desired album on the page of your profile at the bottom of the album you will see a link "Edit album information". Follow the link and press the Remove function.
Remove Skype profile picture is completely impossible. If you downloaded any picture or photo, then it can only be replaced by a new one. In the Internet you can find pictures of the standard version of the avatars, which was originally at check profile. Retain the standard picture on your computer, go to the profile page in Skype, go to the main menu, select "Tools", option "Settings". At the bottom of the open window there is an item "Change avatar".
You can download old version of Skype 5.3. In this version it was possible to remove the photo, but the downside is that this version has several drawbacks in the General system use.