On your page on a social network "Schoolmates" there is a video that you wish to remove? Yes, this really happens to many, after all, some movies can really compromise the users. If you cannot find on the website a way to remove videos from "Classmates", you can use incremental guide that will help to deal with this problem in detail.

To delete a video from the page

When you click "Grade" next to that or any other video, it immediately starts to appear on your page. In order to "eliminate" you need to go to your profile site "Classmates". Next, click on the Video tab, then open the page with the videos.

On the right side on this page, you will see a single column of the following items: "Video", "Liked", "Loaded" and "Links". You need to click on the picture of the video in the column to open in full size. Now click on "Links" and scroll the page to the bottom.

Locate the column on "My page" and then select the "References". This will open the history of all downloads with links. In front of each of these references is the cross. It is precisely the "Delete" button. To permanently remove the downloaded video on the page "Video", click on "Downloaded", and then delete the desired video.

Technical support help

If you failed to remove video, you can use another way, which will certainly help to rectify the situation. This opportunity is with technical support, or service of technical support.

First, you need to send an online application in which you need to try to explain the reasons why you wish to remove a particular video. Reasons for this can be a great many, for example, children gained access to your account and downloaded unwanted video or did the attacker.

If you will be able to explain properly, then you will certainly help, because the tech support are people who are obliged to help you and explain you how to delete the videos, or even to alleviate the situation, solving the problem independently. As for processing time, then it will take some time. If you just wait, soon your page will no longer have this video.