Advice 1: How to delete selected photos

Photoswill not only decorate a personal page on the social site. They also have a method of transmitting a variety of information, sharing experiences with friends and acquaintances. But sometimes pictures and labels to them are not very good. This requires their removal.
How to delete selected photos
You will need
  • - personal computer;
  • - registration in any social network.
One of the functions of social sites is the label on friends ' photos. This option is popular among users, but it is not always desirable. Especially if in the photo you depict is not at its best. What to do in this case? The answer is simple – delete the marked photo.
If you registered on the site, any problems with removing the labels no. Just go to the page with the photo, open it and look next to the label. About image should be a link "remove tag". Click it, or icon (usually a cross) located nearby. However, in this way you will remove only your fotometki, but not the image itself.
To fully help solve the problem of removing photos from the page of the user that placed the image on the website. Turn to him and explain that you do not want this image online.
Just want to remove the unsuccessful photos? Then go to your personal page and go to change. Depending on the variety of sites, this step may be slightly different.
In the "Classmates" to change photos, personal pages, navigate to "Photo". Then select the subsection "Personal photos", "Albums", "I pictured friends." Open the folder and click on the desired photo. Then right-click and select "remove".
If necessary, you can remove the entire album. This is done in a similar way. And if desired, photos can be transferred to another album. Just remember to specify which one.
A couple of clicks "Vkontakte" it is possible to remove not only the photo and a label on it, but the whole album. Simply select the relevant option from the top in the "overview window".
Function remove (change) the photo supports the mail agent. Open your mailbox, after entering the username and password. Then the top window, select "Settings". It is located in the section "More" on the top of the control panel. On the opened page click on the link "Personal data". Next perform the necessary actions with the photo. Similar steps in other social networks.

Advice 2 : How to remove pictures of me

Sharing photos with other people is an integral part of the activities of users of social networks. Different variations of photo albums offers a social network "Vkontakte". If you find that someone has posted on your page your personal photos, you can delete it in one of several ways.
How to remove pictures of me
Go to your profile "Vkontakte" under the login and password. Photos that you're tagged in are in the photo album "pictures of me". The link to it is right under the avatar. Here are the images that you have pointed other users or yourself. To remove a tag with your name by clicking on the cross next to him.
If you need to delete not only the marker with his name, but the whole photo, write a personal message to the user who posted it on his page and ask about it. If the user does not respond to your request or refuses to remove the photo, refer to the administration of "Vkontakte" and report the problem. Our support team will respond quickly to such messages and remove improperly posted personal pictures of users. Finding personal photos in any community, immediately contact the administrator or the administration "Vkontakte" as specified earlier. This algorithm works not only in the social network, but on other sites.
Much easier to delete your own albums. To do this, go to "My photos" on the left side of your page. Select the desired album and click "Edit". You can delete selected photos or entire albums. Pay attention to the album "Pictures on my wall". View it on the subject posted on your wall of personal photos and remove those that you need.
Use scripts are special commands that allow you to quickly perform certain actions. With them, you will be able to remove all the marks on the photos, clean the wall and your photo albums. To find the necessary scripts in the support group "Vkontakte" or through Internet search engines.
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