Before you proceed to any actions on the page in social network "Odnoklassniki", you should first log. To do this, enter the credentials – user name and password in the appropriate lines on the main page of the site. For convenience, save the link to your personal page in bookmarks of your browser and then you will be able to get to your page with one click.
On the main page under a personal photo, it is located in the left part of the window, click on the link "More" in the drop down window, select "Settings".
Then find the inscription "Close profile" and click on it. Immediately after clicking, a window will open-notice in which you inquire whether you want to close your profile. In this case, all information about you will be available only to your friends. For other users, the page will be blocked. If you decide to restrict access to the page, click "Close" and in the next window, select the payment method. In the case of service cancellation, click "Cancel".
The fact that this is a paid service, so if you are going to use it, you will have to pay for the tranquility 35 "OK" and the notional currency of the site.
In the new window, click "proceed to payment". To pay for the service, throwing "Oki" from your account or by purchasing them, paying with your mobile phone account or Bank card.
Select your preferred method (credit card, through the terminal, via phone, e-money) and proceed to payment. To pay with phone enter in the appropriate boxes country of residence and phone number, click "Get code". Within a few minutes your phone will receive a text message with the access code that you will need to specify on the payment page of the service. Once you pay and activate the service, your page will be closed for outside users.