Click on the main menu page for the word photo. The screen will sections: "All", "Personal photos", "Albums", "photos of friends". Select from the options the category of "Albums". Click on the appeared window "Create photo album" if you photos are not yet downloaded. Give the name of the photo album.
Below, indicate with a tick those category of people who can view your photos. These nine categories: all, to all friends, relatives, your spouse, co-workers, colleagues, classmates, best friends. Having defined the choice of audience to view the photos click "Save".
Download this photo album of any photos. Now they will only see those for whom you left access to them. It is also worth noting that the photos that you have posted in the section "Personal", to block out unwanted viewing impossible. Close you can only those photos that are in your various albums. Don't want to show all my personal photos, then remove it from the section of personal photos, then add in any photo album.
If pictures are in any photo album, open it, click on the box "Change settings". Change you will like the album title, and specify people who can view your photos in a specific album.
On the website there are people who have closed their page from other users by paying 25 OK. To view these photos you must first add these craftsmen to his friends. If they accept your friend request, you can view their photos as easily as other ordinary users.
There is another interesting option is "invisible". Period "stealth" for 10 days and the cost is 20 OK. If you have this service, you will be able to view any information of any user and go to their page, they know nothing.