If you want to get any information about the person so that he did not know about it, you can refer to the social network. But if, finding the desired page, you understand that you can not view a private profile in the "Classmates", hopes of success are fading away. You will not be no photos, no friends list and groups, even you can send the owner a hidden page. And in searching the site closed profile may not be displayed.
Previously, advanced users have found the so-called hole in the social networking sites through which you could see the inaccessible data. However, the developers of social networking became more and more experienced, while closing loopholes. Currently, no efficient, programmatic way to view a private profile in the "Classmates".
The only way to go on such a page - add a friend.
If you do not want, that people knew exactly who finds out information about it, and if you are sure that you will add, you can create an additional account in the "Classmates" with a false name. Even better, if you make a page with the name of a friend of a wanted person (e.g. a classmate), so the likelihood that you will make friends, will be much greater.
When your new page will be filled with the minimum required information, you will be able to send an offer of friendship, and after confirmation of the application will be able to see a private profile in the "Classmates".