Under the closed profile in the "Classmates" refers to the page on which you can go just friends. Outsiders are not available to the personal user information, including enlarged copy of the main page.
To close your profile in the "Classmates", you need to login and go to the main page of your account.
Among the topics "Add a personal photo", "new event" and others, under the avatar, you should find the item "More".
In the popup after clicking the button list to select the "Change settings". In the proposed list there is a position "Close profile", thanks to him you can run what you want. To complete the operation, you need to Deposit 25ОК. This can be done directly from the mobile phone account.
In the form you must enter a number, which will receive a request to confirm debiting.
To make a payment, you need to clearly follow the instructions that come in via SMS text messages.
When will be able to close the profile in the "Classmates", no one but friends will not be able to write you messages, view your photos, send gifts, invite to groups. In this case you will have the opportunity to take any and all actions that were previously available.
Also, when a closed profile, you can choose the level of privacy, making the page unavailable to display in the search or visible to registered users only.
Many visitors social networks are interested in whether you can close the profile in the "Classmates" for free. Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, you can prevent to write you a message to users outside the circle of friends and hide photo albums.