You will need
  • Mobile phone.
Go to settings messages on your mobile phone. If you have a serving cellular operator MegaFon, enter the number +79219909090. Please note that it may vary depending on the region in which you are, for example, for the Caucasus, enter in the settings +79282000002.
It is best in this case to call tech support and find out from the operator what territorial service area you belong to and what you should be spelled out in the settings number of SMScenter. On your phone, dial one of the numbers to contact MegaFon, for example, 555 and wait for a response operator.
If you are the operator, enter the number of the SMScenterassigned to your region. You can view it on the official website of the service provider of cellular communication Also the number of the SMScentre is spelled out in the documentation for your SIM card.
If you have the service mobile operator Beeline, type in the number setting SMScentre following telephone number: +79037011111. Apply and save the changes and try to send SMS. Each mobile operator has an official website and technical support, moreover, most of them sells SIM cards with the documentation for all the necessary information that may be useful to you in the future.
Also review the information on the different operators brochures that they spread in the salons of cellular communication and trade centreH. Try to appeal to the subscriber's office in your city to its employees helped you to understand the configuration of your phone.