So, take your cell phone into which the SIM card of the mobile operator MegaFon. Make sure it is enabled and working on the network of the above operator. Sometimes it may happen that you just bought your SIM card has not been activated yet, so the implementation calls blocked. If everything is in order, then use the easiest way to determine your own numbers. Ask the other phone and make a call to his number. Then write your number that flashed on the screen of another mobile in the contact book of your phone, in order not to lose it.
If you are not able to use additional mobile phone, proceed as follows. Carefully study all the documents of registration numbers that you were given when buying a starter package operator MegaFon. Phone numbers of MegaFon must be specified in one of the documents. If you have not found accommodation, take advantage of several options.
Go to your phone menu and find "Tools" or "Settings". In most phones in this menu there is a tab – "Your room". It is determined by the phone automatically, so you just right click the tab and you will see your and number.
In the case when all the previous options have not worked or you are unable to use the support of the operator. Call the 0500 number, wait for connection with the operator and ask him his number. Sometimes have to wait quite a long time, but if there's no other way, will have to wait. However, remember that the calls are not paid, so you do not worry about it.
Also, this mobile operator offers a service called "Know your number". It is available to all users of MegaFon, in terms of coverage and roaming. Previously this service was worth 1 ruble, but now the company made it absolutely free. To do this, type on the keyboard of your mobile phone combination *205# and wait until the number displayed on the screen or comes in the message.