Dial short number 0500 to call to support the Megaphone. You can use it even with a negative balance in the account, and also from numbers of other mobile operators. This service is free. Listen to the information from the answering machine. Access to the desired reference service, for example, about tariffs, Internet or other special services are using the voice menu. If your question is not related to any of the aforementioned topics, wait a while or immediately press "0" to call the operator MegaFon.
Wait for a response operator. Please note that the line of communication with a specialist can be busy so to save time it is better to make a call in the morning. Let the responding officer your passport and get the help you need.
Try to contact the operator the Megaphone via the Internet. Go to the official website and click on "Assistance to subscribers," which is at the top of the main page. Navigate to the "Online consultant" and fill special field the decree of your questions and coordinates for a feedback. Query processing can be carried out instantly or within a few days, depending on employment support services.
If you want to call the operator MegaFon from your home phone or from abroad, the hotline for communication with subscribers. Dial in the international number format 8-800-333-05-00 and wait for a response operator. Hot line calls in Russia are free of charge.