To work with the system "Sberbank online" requires the owner of a personal computer and Internet access. When you receive a plastic card of the savings Bank is a contract between the Bank and the user is given a unique ID and password to access the system. After receiving the necessary details, visit the official site of the savings Bank, register in the personal Cabinet and start to implement the necessary procedures.
Payment operations for various services is not difficult, they are available even inexperienced users. In personal Cabinet, open the "payments & transfers", select the type of service organization, where it is necessary to transfer money, for example, traffic police or the Federal Tax service. In the dialog box, fill in the details, specify the amount and the card will be made the payment, click the button "pay". To confirm the payment, enter the one-time code sent by the Bank via an SMS message. Payment takes place within a few minutes.
To fill in the details, you can performed the operation recorded in the "templates" or use the "Autopayment" service. In this case, the payment is in automatic mode – on a mobile phone linked to your account, receive SMS-message with information about the debt and offer to repay it, click "Yes" and the operation will be conducted. If necessary, a receipt can be printed in online system, the terminal or contact the office of the Bank certificate confirming the payment.