You will need
  • House book
  • Handle
  • The passports of all registered in the apartment people
  • Certificate of state registration of ownership of the dwelling (or other title document)
The Stage Of "Preparatory". First of all, purchase the very house book (usually sold in stores when printing). Collect the passports of all registered in the apartment people. Make copies of Certificates of state registration of rights of ownership or any other legal document (a contract for privatization, sale, exchange, gift, certificate of inheritance, court decision) and glue them(her) in the book.
Stage "get help". Visit the Department of registration of citizens of your city (the passport office). Will get the information about registered in apartment people (usually issued immediately and free of charge). Help is on the basis of the door-card for presentation to the Department of management of Federal migratory service in your region (city).
The Step "Fill-In". Before completing please check your reference house books, which is usually printed on the inside cover of the book. Start filling from the cover, enter the house number, apartment number, street, and name of the body of internal Affairs of the settlement. Go to section III "Registration". Neat legible handwriting fill each row of the table in accordance with the requirements specified on the cover. Enter the details of all persons registered in the apartment in accordance with the received help.
The phase "Going to authorities". Having a book, kleiv her copies of legal documents, attaching a received certificate and taking with him a passport in the apartment of persons go to the Department of management of Federal migratory service in your region (city). In OUFMS you right in the book in section III prescribed next to each person put down a mark (stamp) stating that the person registered at this address on a certain date. You have to go back to the passport office and hand over the completed house - a book for registration, and then get her on the appointed day.