Just the fact of registration is made at the passport division of the area of finding housing. There propisyvayutsya populates the document, which will be kept in the files of the passport office.
Contact passport office with the statement for desire to receive information about all registered on the housing. Specify the reason you want to do it.
The passport office is not always you can give such information, because there is no person authorized to perform those acts. I can advise you to contact the managing organization, the balance of which is living space.
Please contact the housing authority. Write a statement.
You will be given an extract from the documents are populated with information about registration. This is an excerpt from the cards that bear the utilities and the extract from the house register, which is stored in the organization.
If you want to know who is registered in a private house, you can contact the passport office with the application.
The record of all registered in a private household have the book in the house. No entries in the house register, the registration does not produce.
When selling a house or apartment information on all issued is issued on the basis of these documents.