The passport office is the regional office of the Federal migration service. To contact him you can if you need to issue a permanent or temporary registration, to withdraw from registration, to obtain, replace or restore the lost passport, get a number of inquiries.
In the passport office you can get a certificate of registration, the household, the family property status of the recruit, free housing, inspection of housing conditions, on the exchange, the absence of a warrant, the replacement passport. In addition, the passport office issue certificates specifying the number and series of the old passports, on registration of a citizen at the date of death, on the joint registration of family members on the day of death.
All certificates can be provided at the request of the citizens, at the request of the court, prosecution, police, Department of social protection, notary public, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. The documents issued shall be numbered and entered in the record book.
The owner of the premises, the tenant or family members of these persons can apply to the passport office to obtain the extract from the house register, which lists all citizens registered on the housing at the time of issuance of certificate. Citizens removed from registration, in penal colonies, homes for the disabled, in hospitals, prescribed by court decision upon request from the new place of residence at the time of study, appeal, issued by a certificate not entered.
Extract is issued at the request of citizens when issuing a new passport to replace the lost, to confirm the Russian citizenship, for registration citizen who returned from places of imprisonment.
When you make any types of documents, certificates citizens should apply to the passport office personally to submit the application, identity documents, legal documents on housing.