However, such benefits can you get if you were already in the queue for housing until January 1, 2005. In addition:- the term of service in the MVD , you must have at least 10 years;
- you had to be dismissed for health reasons or on grounds of redundancy;
- MIA where you were, was to be financed from the Federal budget.
If all conditions are met, you must apply first to the Department of internal Affairs from which you were fired and ask them to provide a certificate stating what number you're now in the queue for housing.
Then contact your local administration in order to register in the preferential queue for housing for the military retirees and former employees of the interior Ministry, as now all of the obligations on provision of housing transferred to the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. You can offer:- to obtain housing under the contract of social hiring or in the property;
- to obtain a housing certificate or one-time cash payments to independent housing acquisition or construction.Select an appropriate receipt form/housing. But in any case, please be patient, as the funding for this project has been very sluggish.
If you have not been in the queue for municipal housing, it will apply to you only to the General rules for housing if you need it. This means that you will be required to submit to the municipality the following documents:- a certificate from the authorities of social protection that your family is recognized as poor;
- information on the total income of all family members;
- certified copies of work books, military cards or certificates from your last job;
- The INN and SNILS;
- certified copies of passports and birth certificates;
- cadastral plan of the apartment/house, an extract from the house register.