Who is brownie?

Mages and shamans claim that the house is energy substance that has no constant form. Some believe that the souls of distant ancestors or relatives, who after the death of the physical body left in the world to protect their family and to warn people of the danger. In another version of brownies is subtle entities that live in a parallel world. They can be seen only in rare moments of life when a person is 'tuned' to different wave, is in an altered state of consciousness. This occurs most often during sleep. Scientists the presence of the house don't confirm nor deny.

The Slavs believed that almost every house lives a house. Usually he hides behind the furnace wall. If the Keeper of the house begins to be a bother, waking at night, scattering objects, it cajoled, leaving near the stove on the floor a saucer of milk and a piece of bread. In modern apartments of a house, you can meet anywhere, but he prefers the bathroom. Some people even claim that these entities are nocturnal in washing machines, under the sink or under the bath, and at night roam the rooms and corridors.

Whose shape is the house?

Opinions about how the house looks, a lot.

1. The house may look like a gray-haired man, a small (about a meter) of growth. He never wears hats, and dressed in a long belted rope shirt.
2. Sometimes a house appears in the guise of an old man with long fingernails. His whole body is covered in short white fur.
3. The house can make the image high sturdily built man with dark unkempt hair. Such a house is usually large hairy hands.
4. Often the house takes the form of a black or white cat with shiny intelligent eyes.
5. In the villages the house has often appeared as the black rooster.
6. Sometimes the house takes the shape of the householder (head of household).
7. Not to frighten small children, the house is in the form of a plush toy or a kitten.
8. In rare instances the house assumes the form of rats, squirrels, frogs and other small animals.

What to do with brownies?

If you think that you see a house, look at his fur. Soft and thick coat promises a prosperous year for the whole family. The lack of hair tells of coming trouble. Sometimes when a person sleeps, he feels that he is suffocated. Those with whom this has happened, told me that I woke up from lack of air and the feeling of someone's hands on his neck. When the man tried to scream, couldn't make a sound, terrified the voice vanished. Witches and wizards suggest in such cases to whisper brownie question "For better or worse?" and listen to the answer. Is usually of the essence therefore warn people about radical changes in life. According to legend, if the house lives in the apartment or house is auspicious. To annoy him and try to drive – the right way to bring trouble on your family. Best brownie to be friends. Leave him in a secluded area a couple of chocolates, keep the house clean and tidy, to avoid quarreling, to remove on the night of forks and knives from the tables in boxes or stand.