All documents that you accompany the statement, take the form of annexes.
Once you have finished to explain the essence of their request, and I think the statement is finished, make a small digression down and write the word "Application". After it put a colon.
Each new document attached to the statement, under a separate record number in the form of a sequentially numbered list. Stick to this format: each number is on a new line after a dot, after the dot with a capital letter to spell the name of the document.
If you put the original document, write its name, for example "income statement for the year 2011". If submitting a copy of the document, write "Copy of income statement for the year 2011". In that case, if the copy is passed the procedure of certification by a notary, provide such a document as "certified copy of income certificate for the year 2011".
To specify an attached document, please specify its details – the date and number.
After the name of each document in parentheses indicate how many sheets is the text. For example, "Copy of the employment contract from 02.10.2001 n N-315 (2 sheets)". This is especially important if your statement is aimed at establishing important legal consequences and you are afraid that the attached documents for any reason, may be lost.