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To find the length of side of a rectangle if you know the width and area, divide the numerical value of the square in a numeric width value. That is, use the formula:D = N / W where:D – length side of the rectangle
W – width of the rectangle
P – it area.For example, if the area of a rectangle is 20 cm2 and its width is 5 cm, then the length of its sides is: 20 / 5 = 4 cm.
Before starting calculations, set the width and area of the rectangle in one system of measurement. That is, the area must be appropriate to the width of the square units. In this case, the length of work in the same units as the width. So, if width is specified in meters, then the area must be in square meters. Particularly relevant this translation in the measurement of land, where the area is usually given in acres, arakh and "acres".
For example, suppose that the area a suburban area is equal to six acres, and its width is 30 meters. You want to find the length of the site.
Since "weave" is 100 square meters, the area of the "standard" six hundredth can be written as 600 m2. Hence the length of the land can be found by dividing 600 by 30. It turns out 20 metres.
Sometimes specified area and width of a shape having no rectangular and arbitrary shape. At the same time, you also need to find its length. As a rule, in this case refers to dimensions of the shape, that is, the parameters of the rectangle in which this figure can be concluded.
If a large accuracy is not required, then use the above formula (D = N / W). However, the length value will get low. To get a more accurate value of the length of the pattern, rate how full figure fills its bounding box and divide the length of the fill factor.
For example, if the lake has an area of 100 square kilometers, its width is 5 kilometers and it takes about a half dimensional rectangle, then its length will be: 100 / 5 / 0,5 = 40 miles.