What is the place of stay and place of residence

To define the terminology should refer to the law. In accordance with article 2 of the law, the place of stay is the room in which the citizen lives temporarily. This, for example, hotel, sanatorium, camping, facility, or place of imprisonment, etc.

A citizen's place of residence is: house, apartment, including office, Dorm room – any dwelling where the citizen resides permanently as the owner, under the contract of commercial or social hiring, or on other grounds stipulated in the normative acts of the Russian Federation.

New rules of registration of citizens

Remained unchanged charismatic requirement of law on registration at place of residence. According to article 19.15.1 Cao accommodation in a residential area without the appropriate registration of exceeding the prescribed 90 days will be punished with fines. For the citizens of the administrative penalty will make from 2 to 3 thousand rubles, for owners or tenants of residential premises – from 2 to 5 thousand rubles. If the owner or renter is a legal person, the fine shall be increased by the amount of 250 to 750 thousand rubles.

But now you can not register at the place of residence if it is located in the same region where your place of residence. Ie your move within the region (region, region, country), provided that you are continuously registered at the place of residence in one of the settlements on its territory may not be accompanied by mandatory registration at the place of stay.

The residents of the cities of Federal significance – Moscow and St. Petersburg, have permanent registration at the place of residence in these cities, there is no need to register at the place of stay in Moscow and Leningrad regions. And Vice versa – residents of these areas do not need to register their stay in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Exempt from administrative responsibility for residence without registration at the place of stay of citizens temporarily living close relatives throughout Russia. Such act include spouses, parents (including adoptive) and children (including adopted children), grandparents and grandchildren. Please note that spouses living in a civil marriage, under the category of close relatives did not fall. In all other cases registration at the place of residence and place of stay is required.