Advice 1: Required registration at the place of residence

Registration by place of residence, the old fashioned way called "registration", is governed by the law of the Russian Federation No. 5242-1 "On the right of citizens of the Russian Federation to freedom of movement, choice of place of stay and residence within the Russian Federation". At the end of 2013, and the Code of administrative offences was substantially amended. But they relate to registration by place of residence and not by place of residence.
Required registration at the place of residence

What is the place of stay and place of residence

To define the terminology should refer to the law. In accordance with article 2 of the law, the place of stay is the room in which the citizen lives temporarily. This, for example, hotel, sanatorium, camping, facility, or place of imprisonment, etc.

A citizen's place of residence is: house, apartment, including office, Dorm room – any dwelling where the citizen resides permanently as the owner, under the contract of commercial or social hiring, or on other grounds stipulated in the normative acts of the Russian Federation.

New rules of registration of citizens

Remained unchanged charismatic requirement of law on registration at place of residence. According to article 19.15.1 Cao accommodation in a residential area without the appropriate registration of exceeding the prescribed 90 days will be punished with fines. For the citizens of the administrative penalty will make from 2 to 3 thousand rubles, for owners or tenants of residential premises – from 2 to 5 thousand rubles. If the owner or renter is a legal person, the fine shall be increased by the amount of 250 to 750 thousand rubles.

But now you can not register at the place of residence if it is located in the same region where your place of residence. Ie your move within the region (region, region, country), provided that you are continuously registered at the place of residence in one of the settlements on its territory may not be accompanied by mandatory registration at the place of stay.

The residents of the cities of Federal significance – Moscow and St. Petersburg, have permanent registration at the place of residence in these cities, there is no need to register at the place of stay in Moscow and Leningrad regions. And Vice versa – residents of these areas do not need to register their stay in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Exempt from administrative responsibility for residence without registration at the place of stay of citizens temporarily living close relatives throughout Russia. Such act include spouses, parents (including adoptive) and children (including adopted children), grandparents and grandchildren. Please note that spouses living in a civil marriage, under the category of close relatives did not fall. In all other cases registration at the place of residence and place of stay is required.

Advice 2 : How to make a temporary registration

According to the Constitution every citizen of Russia has the right to freedom of movement – that is, can live, study or work anywhere in the country. But, nevertheless, notify the state about his whereabouts, he is obliged – so many, sooner or later the question arises about how to make temporary registration and what it takes.
How to make a temporary registration
To obtain a temporary registration is required if you arrive in the city for more than three months. This applies not only to Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also to all other Russian cities. At the same time to refuse to register you have no right (of course, provided that you have correctly placed all the necessary documents).
The basic necessary condition in order to make a temporary registration for up to five years – the consent of the owner of the dwelling that you sign up on site. It may be the landlord you shoot, relative or just an acquaintance.
To obtain the certificate of registration requires that you or the landlord has provided the district office of the Federal migration service of the following documents: your ID, your registration statement (with dates) and a statement of the owner of the apartment in which you are registered. If the apartment a few adult owners will also need their written consent. The registration certificate must be issued within three days.
In order to make the registration of child under the age of 14 years will not even need the consent of the owners registered at the place of residence of the parents without any unnecessary formalities.
In most large cities there are companies offering for a modest fee make check "in a short time and without unnecessary formalities. Most of them are in fact involved in forgery, issuing forged documents. Keep in mind, the fact that the fake registrations can emerge at the most inopportune moment – for example, when applying for a loan or visa.

Advice 3 : How to register in another apartment

The procedure of registration at the new place of residence in the same locality or in another exactly the same. To withdraw from the register at the previous place of residence it is not necessary. You can kill two birds with one visit when applying for a residence permit at the new address.
How to register in another apartment
You will need
  • - the basis for registration;
  • - passport;
  • - the statement on registration;
  • - a piece of departure (when available).
The main document that you will need to register at the place of residence. Depending on the situation it could be a certificate of state registration of ownership rights to residential premises or share in it, the statement of the owner about giving you space, contract for gratuitous use of housing as between you, the owner and all registered in the apartment of legal age, the contract of social hiring, confirmation of relationship and consent of all who is registered in the room.
A statement on the provision of residential premises the contract of uncompensated use or the consent to the registration must be notarized at the place of submission of documents (housing Department or the FMS). The one who will assure the paper that needs to see everyone who signs it, their passports and proof that to him all who registered at this address. The latter circumstance is confirmed by the copy of financial-personal account and excerpt from the book on an apartment. Both documents are taken to the housing office.
The application for registration at the place of residence, it is possible to take in the territorial division of the FMS, the housing office, download on the portal or use it to fill out online. If you are discharged from the old apartment, complete the appropriate section of the application. If already discharged, apply to the documents the address leaf of departure. The passport with a stamp about registration in the new place you will receive within three days after the delivery of the documents.
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