The necessity in obtaining care may occur in respect of a minor child (under 14 years), and in respect of an adult personwho has been declared incapacitated and can't care of your existence.
Be aware that custody over a child can be established in cases when a child is left without parental care. Such cases include the death of parents, denial (full or partial) of their parent rights, recognition of parents incapacitated. A guardianship may be established in cases where the child's parents seriously physically ill, which limits the performance of their parental responsibilities. In these cases, the guardian may be a grandparent of the child. Guardianship over an adult person may be established only in case it is declared incapacitated in the manner prescribed by law.
For registration of guardianship, please contact the local guardianship and trusteeship body, with the package of documents required for this procedure. In this package of documents includes the conclusion of the medical Commission which confirms the possibility of the candidate of physical and mental condition to perform the duties of guardian. Please note that if you have a disability or limitation disability (occupational disease), you have the right to refuse.
Prepare your autobiography, features: from place of work and place of residence, proof of monthly income, consent for care from each member of the family of the candidate over the age of 10 years, a document that contains detailed information about housing and living conditions.
In custody, you will be asked to write a statement, which shall be considered within 30 days, after which the decision on the issue of guardianship. When making decisions, the guardianship authority is considering a full range of factors influencing the capability of the candidate the duties of the Trustee, including the moral qualities of a candidate and the desire of the ward.