If suddenly the man needed the help of a social worker, originally, he should contact the Center for social assistance (TSSP) at the place of residence.

The list of required documents

When you call please have the following documents.

1. Passport and its copy.
2. A certificate of health issued by a local doctor.
3. A certificate from the pension Fund on the pension.
4. The document confirming a residence (a certificate which indicates who and where the pensioner lives).
5. Certificate confirming the disability, if any.

Once all the documents are verified, applicants will be assigned a social worker.

The queue accepts veterans and persons with disabilities, and equal to them; people who live alone at the age of 80 years (persons with disabilities are 70 years of age); disabled people affected by the fighting; individuals with disabilities and deprived of support and third party maintenance.

To priority are:

lonely spouses of war veterans, invalids of the GPW;
- suffered from radiation after the Chernobyl tragedy, and also equal to them;
- victims of political repression.

The beneficiaries living with family, will receive assistance from the social centre only in case if family members are recognized as disabled, have reached retirement age or need remains for a long time one.

The list of mandatory services

Turning to DSP a person signs a contract for the provision of social assistance. A social services must guarantee the following obligations:

1. Assist in the repair and cleaning of housing.
2. Food preparation and feeding.
3. Assistance in the delivery and acquisition of food, manufactured goods and medicines (up to 4 kg).
4. Replenishment of water, the firebox of the furnace.
5. Delivery of clothes in need of dry cleaning and shipping back.
6. Help paying utilities.
7. Shipping of literature, help in writing letters.
8. The provision of socio-medical care.
9. Assistance in obtaining education and employment.
11. Assistance in organizing the funeral and the paperwork for conducting funeral services.
12. Legal assistance – registration of private documents.

If appear need the aggravation, he enters the hospital to the outpatient clinic, the social worker is obliged twice a week to visit a sick patient. Also, if a person confined in bed and for him requires constant medical care, social welfare centre is obliged to attach to it the person with medical education.

The services listed above are included in the mandatory list of services provided by a social centre. All that is required additionally will be charged separately.