You will need
  • - Certificate of disability;
  • - a medical conclusion about the need to care for the disabled;
  • - made a condition that you do not receive labour income, that is not working and not receiving other benefits: pension, social benefits.
Before you collect all the documents for processing the benefit, contact your Pension Fund asking for advice. The fact that the model cases in this matter and, certainly, you can have any special circumstances or conditions. Expert advice Pension Fund will allow you to save some time and nerves at the stage of collecting the necessary documents.
If all your circumstances are fairly standard, then please contact the employment service at the place of registration, to take a certificate stating that you do not get unemployment benefits.
If you have not previously stocked medical conclusion about the necessity of caring for a disabled person, go to a medical facility, where he was issued a certificate of disability and execute this document. As a rule, you have to give it without a written request.
Then head to the Pension Fund at the place of their registration and take a certificate stating that you are not receiving pension payments.
In the same Pension Fund applying for registration benefits. List of documents:
- a statement from the disabled person stating that he agreed on your care for them;
- your statement about what you wish to care for disabled and wish to receive allowance for care, be sure to specify the date of commencement of care.
- certificate from the employment service about not receiving benefits;
- certificate from medical institution confirming that the disabled person needs care;
- certificate of disability of person for whom you are caring;