In that case, when the unemployed working-age adults are caring for a person who has reached the age of 80 years, they are entitled to a monthly compensation payment in the amount of 1200 rubles. Compensation will be paid from the date of application and taking into account the regional coefficient. For registration of the person making the withdrawal must apply to the territorial office of the Pension Fund at the place of residence of ward. Necessary for purpose of payment documents that must be provided by whoever is caring for the pensioner:
- statement of compensation for the care of persons over 80 years from the date of filing;
- pensioner confirming that the care is carried out according to a citizen;
- a document confirming the identity of the person providing care;
- work book someone who is caring, confirming that at the moment he is not working under an employment contract;
- certificate from the employment Center on the absence of the person's unemployment benefit;
- certificate from the territorial office of the Pension Fund at the place of residence of a citizen caring about the lack of pension;
- copy of passport of the pensioner.
If the pensioner over 80 years, there is no need to provide a conclusion of the medical institution that he cared. Degree and the presence of a relationship between the pensioner and the person providing care, no significance.
Citizens who have reached of age of 80 years, are also entitled to free social services – visit their social workers at least 2-x times a week. For this pensioner, you should write an application to the territorial Center of social service. It is necessary to attach a copy of pages of passport where the name and date of birth. After the social workers will conduct a survey of material living conditions and will constitute the act, they will be required to present an extract from financially-the personal account in the engineering service of the area and the conclusion of the medical institution attached to a pensioner, the absence of medical contraindications for social services at home.
In addition, a citizen who has attained 80 years of age, is entitled to receive twice the fixed basic amount of the pension. To receive this allowance, any documents in the pension Fund is not required to submit all the necessary information is there.