Decide whether the person is going into a nursing home. Remember that according to the Federal law "About guardianship and custody" is defined in such companies are mainly suitable single men over 60 and women over 55 years, invalids I and II groups (by disease or age), veterans of wars.
Contact the regional center of social protection of the population by place of residence, will receive and complete the form questionnaire of the established sample, and then the application definition in the nursing home, according to which the social security Commission will make the decision about putting the person at this institution. The reason for this will be the trip, decorated with bodies of social protection of the population, as well as personal written statement of the citizen or his guardian, reference ITU about the presence of disability, the conclusion of the judicial bodies of guardianship and guardianship on incapacity.
If necessary, the content of the old man in a psychoneurological boarding school required the conclusion of the Commission of physicians, consisting of at least three specialists, including a psychiatrist. In this case, the summary would indicate the mental disorder that deprives man of the ability to be in regular social security institution.
Note that an older person is admitted to a nursing home only when there are special medical decisions about his health and safety to others. It will be based on the extract from the medical history furnished in the hospital or the polyclinic at the place of residence, with the following diagnoses doctors - the therapist, dermatologist, psychiatrist, psychiatrist, oncologist, phthisiatrician, infectious disease.
For women a mandatory gynecological examination. In addition, the results of a blood test for HIV, the result of fluoroscopy, and for disabled medical program for individual rehabilitation.