Sometimes you feel ... husband is a little weird and want to follow him to see where he was. Sound familiar?

If you decide to check husband, do it quietly. First, the information will be your trump card, if one is required. Secondly, if the spouse is "clean", he may not like "spy game", and it will serve as an occasion for scandal and discord in the family.

Mobile phone

You can use traditional methods such as viewing all calls and messages in the mobile phone husband. Compare them for compliance with the time to learn explicit or implicit information to draw a conclusion – it is not so difficult. Much harder to deal with emotions if suddenly you find something interesting. But you better do if you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

To call work

Call at work my husband to know the details – another way out. Only need to do this so as to not put themselves in a ridiculous, or even worse, a miserable situation.

In the office there is always someone "sympathetic" who with pleasure will reveal all the cards. Chatting there, use it. If your spouse are really disappears from morning to night, working for the good of the family, you will quickly learn about it.

Turn on the attention

You want to check where was the husband? Turn all their attention. Let's watch his face. Cheating sooner or later disclosed, first and foremost, this is evident in the eyes. Guilty or hide eyes avoiding direct view, or trying to look confident and often looks away.

Crossed arms can also say that the person is hiding something. This position is typical of those who are issuing false for the real, searching for the hardness in himself. Brush they are closed, turned inward. The man seems to be hiding, surrounding himself with an impenetrable aura.

Perhaps a hint about where was the husband, will tell other details: the condition of his clothes and shoes, appearance, husband, odors, behavior. Be careful and understand. Not a sin to look in the pockets – in this case, all means are good.

Is it worth it?

Before you find out the truth, think carefully whether it is necessary for you. If there really is something about what you don't know, then it is hidden in order to keep peace in the family. So whether or not to pull the thread and destroy what is already created? If you don't like the truth, can you find it in yourself to understand husband?