Advice 1: Is it possible to monitor my husband

Circumstances which make doubt the sincerity of the feelings of the spouse, happen almost every woman. Some are beginning to notice that his eyes lit up at the sight of a neighbor, others examine a late return or excessive concern about their image.
Is it possible to monitor my husband

Oh, those suspicions...

The girl who married, probably suspicious of the sudden request of her husband without end to change shirts, shave, and smell Cologne. However, all these movements the wife still not talking about cheating or the appearance of a rival. Although zakrasheny doubts as to his integrity already beginning to eat away at the consciousness...

Thoughts about infidelity give rise to a desire to follow the beloved husband. However, suspicion is not always confirmed, but the worm of distrust and the feeling that you betray - the most destructive in the relationship loving and beloved. Talking on the phone in another room does not mean the appearance of the mistress, they can be caused by problems at work or even prepare a surprise for jealous wives.

Many of the women suffer suspicions and think about what it would cost to set up a surveillance for the pious. Do I need to follow her husband, decides every wife for herself, but you can say that if you had chosen the path of surveillance, the ending is deplorable in any case. This will happen for one simple reason: trust is lost and the feeling of love, most likely, too. Few can forgive the fact that he was a suspect for something he didn't commit.
After verifying that the correct, only a few couples manage to maintain a relationship, and bitter disappointment in a loved one will remain still.

Do I need to monitor my spouse?

If you contemplate on whether to follow her husband, you can say it's worth it. But it should be done only if there is intention to divorce for profit or lose a good and bright attitude. Is not it easier to share their doubts and ask a loved one what happens? The answer to your question will dot the "I". No man will lie, if one wants to keep the family together and love his wife. While her husband denies it, he cares about you and your relationship, even if mischief on the side.
Real men are not dragged to the house of their dalliances, they care about the children, his beloved wife and his reputation as an exemplary family man.

Self - confidence is an integral feature of every happy woman. She needs to take care of husband, children and most importantly, as corny as it may sound – to monitor themselves and not each step of the husband.

To destroy anything is always much easier than to create. Similarly, it turns into a relationship between a man and a woman. Think, and suddenly you are being followed? Maybe your actions and behavior are questionable in the mind of the beloved? Treat it as would like to be treated. The basis of amicable and strong family is love and trust, tenderness and respect, not suspicion and surveillance.

Advice 2: How to track a

Due to the variety of services provided by mobile operators can effortlessly monitor the telephone of any subscriber. It is sufficient to activate the service through your mobile device or to use it on the website of the service provider.
Follow the phone can only be by legal means
The operator "MTS" allows you to monitor phone by its number within the service "Locator". To activate it send to the short number 6677 special request in the form of SMS messages with caller name and a phone number. After two or three minutes the one you seek, get on your mobile notice. Then the subscriber has to send back their permission to determine his location. If he does, you will receive the coordinates. For the service Locator, your account will be charged up to 10 rubles in accordance with your tariff plan.
In order to keep using the phone for other subscribers, users of the network "MegaFon" can use multiple services. The first of them becomes available only when connected to certain tariff plans ("Ring-Ding", "Smeshariki"). Thanks to this service parents can always monitor your child's phone to know where it is. It is worth considering that over time the rates may change, so you should from time to time to visit the website of the operator to obtain new information.
Try to follow the person's phone the second method, which is available to all subscribers of "MegaFon". Simply open the website and fill the special field. Immediately after sending the request and receiving the operator you will be transferred to the coordinates of the right person and a map view which can not only mobile, but also on the computer. Also monitor the phone you can use USSD-command *148* subscriber's number# or shortcodes 0888. It is important to specify the number in international format +7. The use of a "Locator" will cost 5 rubles.
If you are a subscriber of "Beeline", you must first enable the appropriate service. To activate, use free room 06849924 and the request send to the number 684. In the text, specify the letter L and the number that you need to know the location of the person. The cost of services of search of the subscriber will cost about 2 rubles depending on the tariff.
Remember to monitor the phone only with the consent of its owner. The subscriber will receive an SMS query to determine the coordinates from your operator on which he must answer in the affirmative.
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