Its clients communication operator "Beeline" has created a short number 684, through which you can send SMS messages. In their text, the user must specify the letter L. in addition, available to all subscribers of this operator is the number 06849924. It is not for sending SMS and for calls from mobile phones. The cost of using any of the two proposed rooms is two roubles, five kopecks (or a little more here everything will depend on the tariff plan).
Subscribers of MTS will also be able to locate the right person. Now it is possible through the service called "Locator". First of all, you need to send to short number 6677 SMS-message with the mobile number of the person you want to find. By the way, don't forget that the other party must give its consent to the search, otherwise the operator will not be able to tell you the coordinates of its location (or rather, his mobile phone). Depending on your rate from your account every time will be debited with the amount of approximately from ten to fifteen rubles.
The company "MegaFon" provides its users with several different rooms and services to locate other subscribers. First, don't forget about easy USSD-request *148* subscriber's number#. When sending such a request the room be sure to specify only using the international format, i.e. starting with +7. In addition, there is another 0888, it allows you to contact the operator and request a search of the location of the mobile phone and its owner. Available to subscribers of "MegaFon" is a service site Locator Thanks to him you can also get necessary information about the location of the person.