Positioning the person on the phone

You can find out where the person using certain services provided by your mobile operator. For example, to determine the location of the phone on the Megaphone, you can choose one of two ways. Please, dial *148*subscriber's number# or call support on 0888, communicating to the operator the number, the location of which you want to find. Also the search service through the website locator.megafon.ru where you can find the correct number on a convenient map online. The cost of a search request is about 5 rubles. In this case the subscriber, search which you carry out, should answer the incoming request with the word YES or YES, and only in this case you will receive his coordinates.

Users of MTS cellular communication operator can request a "Locator" to see where the person is. To do this, send a message with the number of the desired subscriber to the number 6677. Depending on the tariff cost of the service will be from 5 to 10 rubles.

For subscribers of Beeline can use one of two special rooms to find out the location of the rooms. Call 06849924 and follow the prompts to specify the desired phone to search or send a text message with the letter "L" to the number 684. The cost of both queries will amount to 2 rubles.

How to determine where the person, via the Internet

There are various online resources that provide the ability to search the location of the subscriber, but some of them are fraudulent and just write off money from the accounts of customers. Be careful and read the terms of service, especially those that are small print at the bottom of the page. The most secure resources – a variety of online directories that will help you to learn the exact location of the subscriber, however, will tell you what city the number is registered. If you're lucky, you'll learn the exact address of residence of the subscriber, which ultimately will help to find him.

Search phone number via satellite

If you use a smartphone and you know exactly what the desired subscriber makes use of such a device, you can try to find out where people by phone number via satellite. To do this go to special resource http://maps-info.ru/ that allows you to search for free in demo mode for phone-enabled GPS on the map. Read the terms of service. You can book the service for long term on a paid basis.