Check out the telephone directory of the city. This method will help if you know the city the person's phone number. Can use a conventional paper directory, but they come with a certain frequency and often the information in them is obsolete. In this regard, the more comfortable will be e-handbooks. For this you will need a computer and Internet access.
Use the source which includes almost all phones of the cities of the CIS countries. For the area code in the phone number, determine what city you need and select it in the list. Next, enter in the search know the number and click search. As a result, you will receive information about the names of the owner and the address where is installed your phone.
Use social networks to search for an address. In this case there is a chance that the desired people specified in your contact information, your phone number and address. Beat in the search form known information and find the address you are interested in personality. This case may help to identify the data as landline and mobile phone.
Find the address of someone through special search sites. In this case, you must be extremely careful, as most such resources will be charged, but reliable information will not be given. For example, you can use the website of "National data search"
Remember that all these services require for their services a payment, but basically it is quite acceptable. Enter information known about the person, enter it and your phone number and click search. After a while you will get a text message with the access code. Go through the authorization process and get the desired address.