The distinction between asexuality and antisexuality

Asexual in the first place — people not engaged in sex of any interest or poorly expresses it. They can be married, have children, but their leisure time more varied: reading, painting or extreme sports. The second category of people more militant perceives the presence of erotic pleasures in your life, putting them on a par with alcohol addiction and Smoking. The position of antisexuals is that sex is a waste of physical potential and mental abilities. Restrain your lust and earthly passions, man is able to bring much more benefit to society.


Nikola Tesla, George Bernard Shaw, Howard Lovecraft, Elizabeth of Austria have made their choice in favor of service to the people, science and the arts. Each of them of the highest intelligence and the highest possible working efficiency. For many eminent persons and scholars of the time, the ridicule of carnal pleasures, interfering with their activities, was the norm.

What are the causes of antisexuality?

Some scientists believe that antisex refers to the so-called fourth kind of orientation, along with Homo, hetero and bisexuality. Prevailing view that a similar phenomenon was formed as a result of the case of the revolution of "freedom". It is the availability gave rise to the rejection of sexual relations and helped to create a certain group of people. Enough analogies with bananas, which people absorb guided for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. After a while, their scent will begin to cause nausea and disgust.

Antisexuality not defective

According to its supporters, the absence of sexual relations does not cause suffering, which means there are no abnormalities in physical and mental terms. It is likely that the people who took the decision to abandon the carnal pleasures, you will regret it after some time. Such people should realize that coitus is the mechanism developed millions of years ago. The desire to find a partner and leave a part of myself always won.