The first and most important rule for adults - a love for children. All advice and recommendations fit into a single sentence - like children. What might be difficult is to love your child? Many parents love their children because of their selfishness. They believe that when their child will grow, it will provide them with everything. Others love the kid himself. In this case, the parents lies the hope that the child will follow in their footsteps. Still love because of the expectation the child will be able to achieve what failed parents. But few people loves your baby just for being what he is, really. Is just genuinely love their child and in response you will receive the same. And what could be better?

The second rule says that children can not say the word "no". It can be used only in certain cases. You cannot touch someone else, to hurt others and to destroy what has been created by people. In other cases, use other phrases. After all, when you forbid your kid, he subconsciously still more I want to do just that.

Nurture in your child a consciousness. If you see that the child is going or does something bad, ask him what he's doing now. Children may not realize that they are doing something wrong. After you got the answer, ask and for what purpose he does it. This issue will cause the child to think, and he will begin to realize that really does something stupid. Over time the baby develops consciousness and before to do something, he'll think about it.

So simple and difficult at the same time. In any case, you should try. If you decide to have a child, it is necessary to fully realize all the responsibility. The baby requires a lot of time, effort, energy, and most importantly - love and attention.