Some believe that such relationships are generally doomed. We set out to find out what action lovers will help them to overcome the separation and to unite in a happy Union?

Be aware of the difficulties

Knowing about the upcoming challenges, it is possible to protect yourself from frustration and to think through possible actions.

1. The pressure of public opinion. Questions and hints like: "are you sure he's not sneaking out on you?" can seriously spoil your blood.

2. Loneliness in life's important moments. The need to appear one at a party call instead of a kiss birthday, neglect of a loved one, when the sick will have to endure...

3. Acute shortage of physical contact. Children and animals get sick if they do not have bodily contact. Adults react differently, but they hard it is.

4. The cost of flights and communications. To see each other at least sometimes and maintain relationships, will have to pay.

Especially not enough of the smell

1. According to statistics, most remote relationships end at the initiative of men. This is due to the fact that men because of their psychological and physiological characteristics is more difficult tolerate separation. So the man, choosing between a real partner and one that exists somewhere else, always choose the one next to it. In this same scenario, a woman can choose both the first and the second.

2. All the same impartial statistics: long distance relationship not so long period of life. Usually 2-3 years from now, people either break up or begin to live together. Of course, there are exceptions to this General rule, but they are few.

3. It is known that only 2 % of information about environment people get through the sense of smell, but that 2% is very important when it comes to intimacy. If the separation was too long to go well, your receptors have to "remember everything". And this requires a period of adaptation from several hours to several days (hold hands, cuddle, etc.).

Learn to appreciate the positive aspects

But even a long-distance relationship has its advantages. They help to strengthen the mind and easier to endure separation:

1. Separated people to communicate more than living together. Paradoxically, it is! Separated couples inevitably have all the thoughts and feelings put into words.

2. Separated learn to overcome selfishness. If your spouse is in another city, wants to sign up for dance courses, you will not have the right to prevent - at a distance every man organises his life.

3. Separated partners appreciate every minute, Hello together.

4. They're not fighting for life, only the "high" attitude!

Create together a "unification plan" and follow him

The key to a happy finale of remote relations is a detailed understanding of the future together.

1. Build shared plans. The planned date for the next meeting, think what you will do, discuss shared cases, etc.

2. Meet more often. Better to see one day in a month than a week every six months. The continuity of the meetings is more important than their duration. Don't skimp on the meetings!

3. Don't make each other jealous. No hint, no provocation, even as a joke! If there's doubt in loyalty - the relationship is doomed.

4. Discuss your "meetings" via communication channels, not to put each other in an awkward position and not be offended by a brief "I'll call you back".

5. Connect all methods of communication. Went shopping? Send a favorite photo - let will appreciate and advice. The more common cases, the closer you are to each other.

6. Never to part, we shall discuss where and when is the next meeting, do not put dates unless necessary, so as not to injure the partner.

7. Make each other surprises. The Almighty Internet will help to organize even a romantic dinner that you can share with your beloved over Skype. Turn on the imagination, believe each other and you will succeed!