You will need
  • Mobile phone, computer, Internet access, listening devices, recording devices, surveillance.
Install hidden video surveillance in the place where often the person you want to trace. Place choose according to end your purpose of surveillance: the bedroom – in case of suspicion of infidelity, the study – in case of suspicion of fraud in business, etc.
Install remote listening on the telephone of a suspect. As a rule, in shops machinery sell simple devices for listening to cell phones.
Carefully examine the printer and the computer of the personyou're following. Computer files can themselves be of great interest contained in the information, and studying the drum of the printer with a magnifying glass, you will be able to know which document is printed by this man, and even to read it.
Ask a person to definitely go to the supermarket and buy you some detail: for example, a pack of blades for razors, or a new toothbrush. The unsuspecting subject will comply with your request, then go about their business, but razminochnye at the checkout the RFID chip of about seventeen hours to send signals that with the right equipment will allow to locate the person.
Hire a private investigator. Professionals surveillance to adequately perform their work without causing unnecessary noise and unnecessary suspicions, and provide you a report, confirmed by photographs, about what did and where were you are interested in.