You will need
  • - Autonomous satellite tracking system or the mobile phone number you are interested in human
Buy Autonomous system for a satellite, lateral tracking people. Such systems are especially recommended for the not-too-obvious control, for example, when tracking children if an unfaithful spouse. Bodypack transmitter inconspicuously slip into a backpack, purse or handbag person, movement of which you are going to track. Depending on the chosen model of the transmitter, you will be able to obtain not only detailed, accurate coordinates of the object, but also get the opportunity to hear the surrounding human environment using their mobile phone.
Take advantage of the search subscribers who officially provide the major mobile operators (if the person you want to find is a client of one of these companies). For providing this service will have to pay. In addition you might require pre-registration in the search system of the cellular operator. Please note that obtaining location coordinates of the person in most cases will be possible only if he will consent to sending you those coordinates. Secretly monitor the movements of a person using the official services of mobile operators you can't.
Connect to your search for security services, or at least representatives of the mobile operator, which is used by you are interested in. By using existing technical means they will be able to determine the coordinates of the location of the person using the satellite and (if you can persuade them to share with you the received information) will report these coordinates to you.
Use one of the available online service to find people via satellite. Go to the website of such a search engine or download and install a special program. Be careful. Such proposals are often hidden crooks. Most of these programs reliable information you provide.