Free locate a person by phone number the owners of iPhone devices. Apple enables users to track the location of a subscriber using their services. To activate this function, go to App Store, using search, select and install one of the special applications.
One of the best programs that allows you to free find a person by number is called Find my iPhone. Log in to the app using the identification number of the "iPhone" of your friend or relative, such as husband, wife or child. Now need a phone will be available for searching through the program and upon request will be displayed on the map. In this way the program works My friends. The difference here is only that the application needs to install on their devices, all users who wish to exchange their coordinates.
You can find out where the person, via iCloud. Enter in a special field on the main page, a personal identifier that is bound to need a phone or multiple devices simultaneously. Click on "Find my iPhone". After that, the system requests the entry is already in your account. After successful authentication, automatically starts the map display on the selected device. The degree of brightness of the green dots on the map will show the accuracy of the current coordinates of the phone. If you have multiple devices you can switch between them in menu "All devices".
Currently, there is a possibility to determine the location using various free apps messengers. For example, if you and your friend or relative communicate using Viber, it is sufficient to enable determination of the location of the source on both devices, and on request you will be always aware of the movements of each other.
To free detect the phone worked, it is important that the basic parameters of all the devices the iPhone was activated geolocation. Otherwise, for example, if the user of the other phone deactivates it, you will not be able to find the subscriber, both through iCloud and through different applications.