Use satellite tracking to determine the location of the person.
Provide the person the location where you will keep track of a special device: a GPS-tracker that will accurately determine the coordinates and send them to the server at specified intervals (you can set the dispatch time, e.g. every five minutes).
If you use a mobile phone iPhone, iPad, or tablet that operates on Android and they are equipped with GPS receivers, use a special program NAVIXY Mobile, which also allows you to track the person's location. This program is free product.
Use the services of the mobile operator, which provides the ability to track the whereabouts of another man. It is necessary to obtain the consent of the subscriber that he will be similar monitoring and control (usually used by parents). Connect the appropriate option on both the mobile phone.
Make a request for transmitting information about the location of the person. Get all the necessary information.
Locate you are interested in a person by his mobile number using the corresponding computer program, which you will need to provide certain information (direct telephone number, name and surname of the person you want to find). Most often these programs are paid.
Install a special computer program that allows you to determine a person's location by its IP address (this program can also be paid).