MTS company offers several services to determine the location of a cell phone. For parents, the best option is to use the service "Child monitor". To activate the service you will need your child (or any person you register). After you enable the "Child monitor" you will be able at any moment to know the location of your child on an electronic map or to send a request and receive response SMS message.
The service "Locator" will help to determine the location of phones, whose operators are MTS and "the Megaphone". In order to use this service, the subscriber needs to send short message number with the friend's name and his mobile number. If your friend will give their consent that you provided information, you will receive the coordinates.
The company "MegaFon" offers the service "Navigator", with which you will be able to locate the phones of your loved ones. By activating the service you can determine the location as you wish: with the help of electronic maps, via SMS, via USSD requests. In addition, in the case that you are lost (in the woods or in an unfamiliar city) service helpfully tells you where you are.
"Mobile locator" from the "Beeline" will also help you in this matter. In order to always know the location of mobile phone operator connecting a service must have the written consent of the person that installs "surveillance."
In the case of mobile phone theft or the loss of a man who was in possession of a cell phone, locate device, you can use law enforcement agencies who will submit the appropriate request to the operator. For this you need to contact the police and write a statement about the loss.