Take advantage of the special sites from mobile operators that allow you to track the person through the computer online. If you use MTS, you will Mpoisk website (link located below). The location of subscribers of MTS, Beeline and MegaFon is determined by the activation of the service "Locator". To enable it, send an SMS with the text LOGIN to the number 7888. You will receive your login information in the section "the Locator" on MTS site where you can obtain information about the movements of other subscribers. The price is 100 rubles per month. You can also use it with mobile phone. As for the other operators, at the moment, they do not have such resources, allowing you to track the location of a person online.
Try to track down the person's computer with the help of site Maps-info. The portal allows to obtain the coordinates of the current location of people, vehicles and different objects. If your relatives or friends have a mobile phone or tablet with the included GPS, you can track their movement on the map. Access the search service that is paid for, is carried out by login and password.
If you want to track down the person who is the owner of any site, this can be done by reviewing technical data of the corresponding resource that is likely to be available for viewing. Enter in any search engine the phrase “Who is” and the name of the desired website. In the received data, pay attention to the line IP address. Copy that value and enter it into one of the search engines. You will find out in what country and in what locality may be the owner of the website. In the same way you can track by computer people if you know the IP addresses of their computers.