A man who sees an attractive woman, is changing rapidly. He straightens up and tries to be higher, straightens his shoulders and pulls the stomach. Instinctively, he begins to preen – straightens his tie, shakes off the dust jacket, smooth hair.
His gaze wanders the figure of any woman. Even if he talks to her, eyes from time to time fall below the face and examine the silhouette, appreciating the curves and roundness. The pupils constrict, and the eyes may be a bit narrowed. Some women describe this view of "body" because man is like a women without clothes. This ritual lasts longer than standard learners examination when the opinion slips for the incoming guest to rate it.
His hands also can not help on the spot. Seeing an attractive woman, a man unknowingly puts them on hips or waist. Sometimes he can hide the thumb in the slot pockets or lay on the belt. Thus he emphasizes his virility and demonstrates an active willingness to act.
If a man sits, then, aroused, he puts his feet wider than normal. Standing, he also puts his feet on the usual, and socks turns towards attractive ladies. On this basis it is possible without difficulty to determine who exactly the audience of women he's trying to impress.
If a man familiar with the woman, he begins to more overt hints about his desire. In conversation, he tries as often as possible to touch any person. Gradually, his touch can become longer and more intimate. But decided to start with the hands and arms below the elbow, so as not to startle the girl. Later, he may rise to the level of forearm, waist and further, defining the boundaries of what is permitted.
When a man wants a certain woman, he begins unconsciously to copy her behavior. He nods after the girl, turns the head, change hand position and posture. This method helps to get on the same wavelength and helps you bond with the person.
If arousal in men is slightly different voice. He becomes quieter, the girls leaned closer, trying to hear the phrase. And the tone becomes lower, which sounds sexier for women. But in speech you can hear a lot of compliments, his interest in the interviewee and some ambiguous phrases, which can imply physical proximity.