So as to understand whether the guy or not? Very simple. If you need someone for any purpose, which can be called "boyfriend", of course, in this case, the guy needed! But if there's just no reason or there are reasons that are directly saying that any "my guy" will be a hindrance, of course, under such circumstances, the guy is not needed."But as always, this word occurs when the problem is already, at first glance, solved and makes us think that, actually, this question is very difficult. Where, for example, a fourteen-year-old girls will take a doubt, when one morning she would think that she certainly needed someone she could call "boyfriend"? Throw out the dirty thoughts and let's suppose that yesterday another girl of the same age said she already has a real boyfriend. At this point in the mind of a girl of fourteen the lightning flashed, and the thunder of envy passed a shock wave throughout the body. "I also want!" - there was a reason, and soon, as a consequence, there was a guywho never thought that he was only the instrument of deliverance from envy. After some time between them, most likely there is a conflict, and, figuratively speaking, with the injury heart the girl all night crying on his bed. As a conclusion: it is unlikely that such young teenagers could understand if they needed the guy or not.
How to understand need <strong>guy</strong> or not
In adulthood to the fore in the relations of both sexes out the sexual aspect. For this aspect, in the background, usually followed by the fact of social relations, i.e. how you relate to not only your friends but also strangers. And when these two aspects are connected, then the girl, in order not to be considered all around "too available", I have to call her lover – boy and refers to the seriousness in the relationship.
The other girls continue the policy of fourteen girls and start to Dating guys, only to "show off" to your friends, because the sense of feminine envy has not been canceled. Usually, such girls soon remain insulted, and even humiliated, but continue to "bend the line".
Sometimes for girls, girls having a guy is a certain boundary, before which they were still children, and for which they have already become adults. In their eyes they've grown for several years in one day. Same thing – Smoking. Therefore, it is the desire that you have a boyfriend, should be regarded as harmful habit.
But the main indicator of need the guy or not, if we understand by that word a person who is very dear to you, to whom you feel more than affection, is the ordinary heart. And, as you know, the heart wants to love one and other to keep away, but you can tell the consciousness that it has saved your heart from severe shocks.
How to understand, you need the guy or not? Never refer to the selfish motives in this matter. This is not a point in life where you can put a check mark, then erase it, and put another several times. No one is immune from mistakes, but you need to avoid at least those, which occur due to our fault.
If you love the person and want to spend time with him, to feel as much as possible by its proximity to itself, then there is no difference how to call this person – a friend, boyfriend or husband. Just be with him always near.