Let's see how man manifests himself. If you are not familiar, intrigued, he begins to consider you, hold your gaze longer than usual. The man unconsciously starts to smarten up, touching hair, adjusting my tie, straighten the jacket. However, he will continue to glance in your direction. If a man sits, the greater the likelihood that it is widely put legs to take a masculine stance. This is an unconscious manifestation of what you are to him sexually attractive, and men have something to offer you.
Observe his behavior. Man wants to meet you. Reducing the distance, it will look in the eyes, showing that openness. The man seems to find confirmation that he's on the right track and you like. From women at the moment, the young man waiting for the signal for further action. When walking he can support you by the elbow or shoulder, as a sign of respect. At the same time the man makes it clear to opponents that claims to be a woman. Gentleman will be interested to call and write more often show signs of attention. He's probably already learned, when you have a birthday. The man remembers what holidays need to congratulate the woman because looking for the slightest excuse to socialize with charmed it special.
Pay attention to his speech. To deceive you, the course are compliments, nice words. Male strongly showcases the talents, achievements, your mind. He tells funny stories and trying to laugh.
Find out strategy and pay attention to things. If a man is "throwing words to the wind, it is not to follow the case. Check out how he is punctual in promises. When a young person violates the agreement or is confused in the testimony", then it's probably just flirting will not lead to a serious relationship. If a man is thorough and keeps his promises, the likelihood is that he sees you as a woman for a serious relationship, is very high.