You will need
  • For this you will need some time to observe the man. If possible, talk to him.
So, first please note how the man reacted to your appearance. If he straightened up and pulled stomach, then this is a good sign. He wants to show itself in all its glory. In addition, many men start to correct hair or clothing, trying to become more attractive.
If he is holding the glass and stroking him with fingers, then your appearance caused in him a sexual arousal.
Stand at a distance from the object of observation. If he occasionally throws at you sidelong glances, it means you are genuinely interested. Some men when a woman they cute, do not behave as usual. For example, loudly joking to draw attention to themselves, or, conversely, move away from the cheerful company.
Look at his feet. Socks Shoe men will always be turned toward the women that he likes.
Now try to speak with the young man. Note the expression on his face. If the men's eyebrow rises slightly, a sure sign of affection. Often, it can be noted that face young people communicating with women who sympathize with them, adopt a friendly expression, the lips slightly ajar and his nostrils dilate.
In addition to all of the features listed above will tell you about his feelings also closer look. If a man can not tear away from your eyes, so you definitely like him.