If a man really loves you, he will see in you only good. And your faults or he does not notice, or will treat them very leniently. If it is not like in your words or actions, he will turn a blind eye. In an extreme case, talk to you on this subject but very delicately, tactfully, and certainly alone. He won't criticize you in front of strangers.
Truly loving man will not stoop to in order to live at the expense of the woman or to solve any problems. Even if you are much better off or have a higher social status, your date will be able to support themselves and to move up the career ladder. Just because he is a man.
For the man who loves other women don't exist. Of course, he could genuinely admire the beauty or the mind of some ladies, but you won't flirt with her, try to care. If he does, then doesn't love you truly, you are only one of many.
Loving man cares about his woman, worried about her safety. His attentions and offers of help may seem excessive, sometimes even annoying. But that means you he really expensive!
When a man loves, he respects the woman, listens attentively to her opinion and advice. Even if your boyfriend brought up in a Patriarchal spirit and believes that all decisions should be made by the man, he will not dismiss a neglect of your words. Certainly not allow a robust cues such as: "Shut up, I said!"
If you haven't had sex in a truly loving man will not to rush you, insisting you've proved your love. On the contrary, if he persistently tempts you to sex, not paying attention to it, do you want it, here is reason to wonder how sincere his feelings?
Loving man during intimacy will not behave rudely and selfishly, caring only for his sensual pleasure. He will try to you also receive enjoyment.