With the appearance of a sexually attractive person, the man is changing dramatically. He straightens his back, pulls the stomach, trying to show himself in the best light. At this point, the man's ready to jump on the "victim" is even visually noticeable as it is tense.

Sexual interest will also generate unconsciously preening. The representative of strong sex begins to smooth hair, straighten his jacket, a sweater, fix a shirt collar, etc. a Man in the presence of interested women can lay your thumbs behind a belt or the pockets of jeans. The gesture said that he was prepared to have sexual intercourse with a lady.

The look of desire and behavior during the conversation

A look can say a lot about sexual excitement guy. While talking with a lady, the eyes seemed clouded, pupils dilated, his sexual arousal. The man also can "undress" a woman's glance, while he carefully considers the lady down and back. A more straightforward look can be seen if a woman has a wide neckline or a figure-hugging clothing. During the conversation, the man often stops a glance at the lips of the fair sex? He already is them kissing on his body.

While talking with the woman, the man begins to speak hoarsely, makes the voice muffled, flirts and throws compliments, he looks forward to a closer development relationship. Some men can't keep breathing in the same rhythm, it becomes more frequent and superficial like a worried man. When the interviewee begins to respond to the flirting guy, he can go further and be more daring. For example, a man accidentally touching a woman, offering your jacket, sweater or takes her hand in his and strokes. Such gestures say that all his attention is focused only to the interviewee and he will not leave her alone soon.

Secretive guys behave modestly with the girls. But their gestures can be understood relevant to the interviewee. While talking with her, he repeats the exact motion, that is, the mirroring, the guy interested in a relationship with a lady, he's completely at her mercy. The girl, for example, can get the phone to see what time it is, the interlocutor will do the same. It will correct the hair, it will repeat it, etc. Even a humble guy says the whole body of his beloved on desire, he turns to her breast, his movements are open, like a guy preparing to embrace.