Advice 1: How to understand that a guy wants to kiss a girl

First kiss with a new lover – a very exciting moment for girls and it should not become for her a complete surprise. Besides, if the guy wants to go for such a step, but nothing ventured to do it, he can gently push.
How to understand that a guy wants to kiss a girl

How to determine what a man wants to kiss you

The first kiss between two lovers is very intimate and touching moment that no one should spoil. That's why a couple chooses for things like privacy. If the guy is making efforts to often to be alone with you, it may be one of the signs of its intentions to gradually move to more intimate relationships.
Man may dare to kiss at the first opportunity, but certainly it still happens in a convenient moment when you won't be disturbed.

Note that, as a man pauses as he touches you as it sets or goes near you. If he wants to kiss, he tries first to touch the hand to come closer, while walking casually to touch or support, unless there is a clear need. If it comes to your hair shoulder, runs his fingers down her cheek, straightens her bangs, touching the earrings, he probably wants to kiss you.

You can determine the desire of the guy to kiss in that case if it will bring your face to your, embracing you, blowing a strand of hair, adjusting the collar of your coat. No doubt, you will feel his desire, especially if it will be really strong. The guy can gently touch the lips, forehead, cheeks or hair, not daring for more. This is a clear indication that he wants to kiss you on the lips.

How to learn about man's desire to give a kiss

Watch where to watch the guy during conversations with you. If you notice that his eyes often stay on your lips, this is one of the surest signs that he dreams about the kiss.
Especially easy to interpret such views, if the guy you like stops to listen and looks at the face, entranced, staring. Maybe he really thinks about the kiss, not your words.

Follow the behavior of men when you are together. Even experienced adults can experience the excitement when you get close to her lover, from which I dream to achieve reciprocity. If you notice signs of embarrassment, attitudes which manifest the tenderness, the easy smiles, most likely, the man in love with you. If he still tries to talk to stay close to you and likes to just look at you, listening to your voice, he probably wants to kiss you and get evidence that his feelings are mutual.

Advice 2: How to understand what she wants in a guy

And the guyand the girl in the relationship are committed to one goal – understanding and love, but their achievement they diverge. Something like the guy might not have a girl and Vice versa. Some simple signs you can determine exactly what the guy wants, what they like and what they don't like at all.
How to understand what she wants in a guy
Try to put yourself in his place before making any move. Imagine that you are him. This simple technique will save you from rash actions that can push a guy away from you. If something is not like you, he is also, most likely, will not bring you happiness. You should only consider that everyone has different tastes.
Talk to the guy. Ask if he likes what you do and how you do it. Try to figure out its relationship to specific your actions. Discuss all questions in a soft, unobtrusive way. Remember that you should not respond harshly to his words or take offense for no reason, otherwise, the conversation will come to a standstill, and the boy later lost the desire to talk, to prevent the recurrence of such reactions.
Listen to his words. Don't be selfish guy, it is important that listened to him. Listen to him very carefully and learn to draw conclusions, to understand what he wants. Listen to his point of view on different issues and in different situations, and try not to do what he does not like.
If the guy approved some your act and said he liked it – so it can be repeated. If silent or not approved – make correct conclusions and try not to repeat. If he does not Express clearly their views – it is better to specify to avoid misunderstandings. If in their daily activities to take into account these four simple rules, you can easily learn to understand what she wants in a guy.

Advice 3: How to push a guy to the first step

A lot of nice guys have such not always as pleasant as shyness. In addition, young people may simply not know that he likes the girl. In both of these cases the girl will have to push the guy to the first step, if she wants to be with him.
Thinking about how to push a guy
If the young man you saw in a public place, your task – to push it to the acquaintance. This can be done through a radiant smile, addressed to him personally, and more complex methods. For example – if you're both riding the bus, sit, get a crossword puzzle and after a while ask him a word. Or ask to open for you a bottle of water, or to help make something equally simple. After he will help you, and say thank unobtrusive compliment. Then have him do it.
In a situation when you and your boyfriend already know and are waiting for his action, be more attentive than to the other guym: often smile, enthusiastically listen to what he says, laugh at his jokes. Casually touch. Your touch will make him notice you, if he's still not done. But don't be Intrusive. Your case is a little push, not to drive it into the corner of the manifestation of your sympathy.
Send him a text about some celebration. Better if it is not quite a formal occasion, like a birthday or New year. At this time he will get a lot of messages. Ideal birthday or a professional holiday. Try to make your text was personal and memorable. Do not download the text of the message from the Internet, write for yourself.
Ask for his help to pump up the bike to fix the computer. At a time when he could help, say, how well it all turns out. The next day also thank him and tell him how much he helped you. If he offers his help in the future, use it in the near future. Just be careful that the aid was quite easy and no it is not strained. Exploits – it's all in the future, at this stage it is important not to scare the guy.
A good method is to ask him for advice. It includes all the advantages of the previous version and does not have its disadvantages. The young man does not have to strain by giving you advice. At the same time he will feel that in your eyes he is an important and authoritative person that will give courage to the most timid guy.

Advice 4: How to determine what guy's in love with you

Love comes quietly and quickly: just yesterday, you were just friends or did not know about the existence of each other, and today you shudder at the sound of that voice. Women used to trust their ears, but men, unfortunately, do not hurry with the confessions, even if the feelings already for anybody not a secret. However, to understand that the guy is in love with you before he decides to open conversation.
How to determine what guy's in love with you
If a man looks you straight in the eye, so he's more than determined towards you. If you are willing to reciprocate, try to make eye contact.
Crazy feeling of love is always associated with erotic attraction. So, most likely, not indifferent to you man to show overt interest in you. It's not about the vulgar harassment, and involuntary gestures, outstanding desire. These include widely spaced legs laid over the strap thumbs, shaking, stroking of the hair. But, paradoxically, truly a man in love is not going to force things, until you give him a sign. He will wait for a moment of intimacy as much as you ask, because it combines the passion with an infinitely gentle attitude.
In the first stage of the relationship, the man worships the woman and most of all afraid to scare her off. Therefore, if a buddy or colleague could tell you a dirty joke, rude joke, or to afford a strong word, and has now become perfectly courteous, probably not far off the offer to have dinner.
The man with whom you begin a novel, carried away to your favorite rock group, French poetry, engaged in your beloved drawing with sand or kite-surfing? I think he's in love. After all, it is this sense of pushing for feats, when you want to learn more about what lives your half.
Love is different from love in the same way as winning the lottery – from a stable income. The first is the result of random coincidence, a gift of fate, second – the result of hard work, their efforts and talents. Don't scroll your winnings and invest it in the construction of the building of your love, then everything will work.
Useful advice
If the feeling is mutual, why not take all that distinguishes a man in love. You have the power to make a story as long as possible. The main thing is not to abuse the location men and most do not skimp on the tenderness and attention.

Advice 5: How to understand, go Bang or not

New hairstyle – one of the variants of change of the image. But if drastic change is not desirable, for example, from brunette to become a blonde or short to cut hair, try to "play" with bangs.
How to understand, go Bang or not
It remains in fashion almost every season, changing only its form and length. Using bangs to hide wide forehead or accentuate cheekbones. In addition, she is a "young" image of its owner. But women with thin hair and those who can boast of curls, bangs will bring a lot of trouble. In the first case, because of the natural fat of the hair it will quickly look grubby, and the second will have to make an effort for styling. Do not cut short the bangs, if your hair does not differ splendor, you will only emphasize the paucity of his hair. If the hair is thick and long, French bangs, which starts from the top.
Thanks to the many forms you can choose the bangs which is most suitable for your face. To facilitate selection, use the special software selection of hairstyles. With their help, you can "try on" hundreds and even thousands of different bangs in the context of a particular haircut. Plus of such programs in the fact that you can experiment not only with a short, oblique, long, ragged bangs, but to regulate the intensity of the color or length of hair. Install one of the programs on the computer and upload your picture close up. And you will have the opportunity to see your next image into different angles.
You can also assess whether you fit one or the other form of fringe in the store, where they sell wigs. By the way, women with oval face shape this tip to anything – this form is considered ideal, so the bangs will suit any. It is worth noting the versatility oblique bangs. It is suitable for almost everyone, as it looks great on long and medium length hair with a ragged haircut. Depending on the hairstyle you can play with the length: open or, conversely, to hide the forehead under the hair.

Advice 6: How to gently kiss a girl

A kiss can Express many things: love, passion, gratitude, friendship, tenderness... the Desire to touch the beloved person, to hug him, to kiss appears on the level of instinct, the dictates of the heart. Despite the fact that rationally explain the desire to be with the object of adoration almost impossible, the technique of a kiss broken down into stages easily enough.
How to gently kiss a girl
Kissing should occur by mutual desire, in a calm confidential environment where both partners are ready for it. Not samiria and do not strain in one position, relax, hug the girl, prove her sincere intentions. Move your hand over her hair, stroke your neck, shoulders, back, join hands, look into her eyes.
Take care of the breath. Breath instantly discourage girls desire to even come close to you. After meals to refresh your mouth with mint spray, chewing gum, you can just eat an Apple or a few sprigs of parsley, and coriander.
Tenderness will not work if you touch the girl's strained lips. This can give the lady the idea that she's obnoxious. Gentle kisses can overwhelm the lips, face, neck, hands and other body parts of your partner depending on the situation and your degree of intimacy. A gentle kiss can be addressed even to the crown of your girls.
Do not limit yourself to one type of kiss. If you kiss a girl on the lips, your tenderness will prove to French kiss (so-called "wet" kiss). Lips slightly bite, you can touch to the earlobe, just gently bristling at the cheek of your partner person – and such a move would be perceived as a gentle kiss.
To understand that you are doing everything right, and gentle kisses reached his goal, carefully monitor the reaction of your partner. If the girl moaning softly, limp in your hands, and her skin had goose bumps, you right away notice it, which means you are on the right track. Women skilled at pretending, but during the kisses they simply forget their skills and do not hide their feelings.
Finally, don't forget about the attitude. If you are not experiencing the girl gentle feelings, you are not attracted to her, probably artificially add tenderness in your kiss will not work. The girl immediately feels false, and a kiss, max, will be on duty and empty.

Advice 7: First kiss

All once happens for the first time. If a girl is in a relationship with guys some experience, it is less risk of being in unpleasant situations. If the girl's relationship with her lover - the very first, in advance to anticipate the desires of the guy, then to not look silly.
First kiss
This exciting first kiss

In life girls have such emotional moments as the first date and first kiss. If she's shy and not feeling comfortable, she starts to see a lack of confidence in themselves and their own abilities. Because of this, girls begin to wonder how they could understand what the guy wants to kiss. Undoubtedly the moment of the kiss on the first date the most exciting, even if the girl already have experience in relationships with men.

Experts advise that if you feel that you start to panic, you should try to relax. After all, if you are too uptight, you increases the risk to do something stupid and awkward. After you calm down, observe the behavior of the guy. If he is all the time, fiddles and often looks at your lips, of course, is the first sign that he really wants to at least touch you. Practice shows that after you see this sign, until the first kiss will be from several minutes to several hours. Of course, the initiative can come not only from male.

Another sign that a guy is going to kiss you is a small pause in the conversation. What he tells you, and then pauses, reveals little lips and looks you straight in the eye.

Also, if a guy wants to kiss you, he will definitely go to you a little closer. Maybe he'll take you by the hand and will look at your lips, occasionally licking their.

Useful tips for girls

Also the girls there is a question about the art of the kiss. Here you can not do anything and just try to enjoy the moment. Don't worry that the first time you are unable to understand the technique and rhythm of a partner, subsequent attempts will please you much more. Don't forget that with practice comes experience, so if you can no longer resist the temptation and kiss him first.
No need to think that the guy it will seem vulgar and depraved. Think about that, that you have begun to a higher relationship.

Of course, not every place is suitable for such an exciting moment. It is worth remembering that there needs to be quite quiet and you should be relaxed. The ideal situation for a first kiss is goodbye, is the very moment when there's an awkward pause, and you look into each other's eyes. But you shouldn't try to kiss a guy during a conversation, because he can regard it as an attempt to get rid of his chatter and just resent you.

Advice 8: How to understand, care about that guy

It often happens that the girl really likes the young man, but she can't understand how he feels about her. Painful not knowing is driving her crazy. Meanwhile, to understand the attitude of the guy to the girl is not so difficult, just pay more attention to his words and deeds.
How to understand, care about that guy
There are several signs which can determine how much the girl care about the young man. For example, he constantly strives to seize her attention: sends SMS wishing good morning or Goodnight, during the day certainly finds the time to call to ask about cases or mood.
The guy always tries to help. It does not really matter what the problem is. He just can't afford to let down a girl who already considers my friend. In addition, the young man could tell her about their dreams. Perhaps this contains a hint that she is his biggest dream.
The guy is constantly trying to give the girl at least a little attention: takes the coats, gives way, opens the door for her. Although, if they are well educated, all this may be basic courtesy.
If a girl really cares about the young man, he keeps asking her opinion. Thus, it gives her the opportunity to come into his life, believing that if she gives him advice – so she cares for him.
There are other signs of love, which manifest themselves when a guy realizes that the girl he really way. First of all, at the sight of her young man noticeably changed the mood. At a meeting with the object of your sympathy guy becomes much more fun and open.
If the meeting with the girl the young man straightens his clothes or hair, smooth hair, or, conversely, trying to ruffle them, it means that he cares about how he looks in her eyes.
Any delicate look girls the young person sees as a reason to approach her, start a casual conversation, finally to touch her. We should not forget that men are generally very important to touch the girl they like. If a guy, during conversation, as if casually takes her hand or touches her hair, she definitely cares about him.
If the girl really likes the guy, he is very afraid to hurt her. For this reason, young people are constantly apologizing for every careless word or action.
Of course, we should not forget that all people are different: someone trying to hide their feelings and emotions, and who, on the contrary, all too clearly demonstrates them. And yet, in most cases, these signs give a pretty accurate answer to the question, worried about whether the girl likes her boyfriend.
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