Listen carefully to what the guy says and how he behaves. The first symptom of love is attributed the tenderness and warmth in the words. It also includes a situation where a young man tries not to swear or something different to be aggressive if you are close.
To find out if you love the guy, according to his plans. If he constantly talks about the future and sees you next to him, then it is worth a lot. Also, the guy can talk about their dreams or any goals that wants to achieve. If they contain you, he is sure to love.
Signs of love include constant attention to your person. The guy may be interested in all of your Hobbies, constantly ask about your business, and also pay great attention to detail.
Special attention should be given to look. If it is filled with tenderness, caring, and almost never gets angry, no matter how bad you behave, this young man probably wants to build a relationship with you. Special attention should be paid to look at those moments when you are alone.
Truly a man in love will do everything possible to help his chosen. He will come to you for help in any situation. It will be every day to visit you if you get sick. He will try to please you in any situation, if only just to see you smile.