What a man does if he's serious

To determine the seriousness of guy you need to observe if he listens to your words. Moreover, it is not necessary to possess the skills of oratory. If a man really wants a serious relationship, he will listen to the woman attentively. If a guy is in conversation with the girl distracted, it shows that he is clearly not in love.

It is also important to observe what you receive from the partner a glance at the sight of unfamiliar women. As you know, loving eyes to look at the sides will not. A man who is serious about a relationship with a woman, not with obvious desire and interest to look at each passing beside him a pretty girl. And, of course, he starts to brag about their victories in the past and to tell about the rich sexual experience.

If after meeting with your partner after a long time, and he does not want to meet a darling with parents and friends, you need to think. A man who truly loves will be proud of your own sweetheart, he wants to introduce her family and friends. If the guy is not ready to make such a move, most likely, he does not see with the girl long-term relationship.

One of the proven methods of ascertaining the seriousness of a young person is considered to be a direct conversation with him. But to the girl it is important to be prepared for the unexpected answer. It is necessary to ask the man what plans he builds for the future, and whether in this respect the love. If in this conversation he doesn't say anything about his beloved, for serious and lasting relationships can not count.

Signs of a frivolous attitude men

A key characteristic of the frivolity of the intentions of the guy is his unwillingness to communicate about a joint-life plan. Naturally during a first date won't go on talking about it, but after a time the man should speak about the future and long lasting relationship.

Serious-minded men would not meet a sweetheart for unknown or non-existent for that reason. If the guy really couldn't meet, he must be a good reason. Also if he really loves, he will give preference to meeting with a girl and not with friends.

On the frivolousness of the intentions of the guy show and unbridled compliments to girls, concealment of information about the personal life, a variety of reasons quickly to retire, a little vulgar simplicity in conversation and indifferent attitude to the problems of the female partner.