The child can be raised as in strictness and permissiveness. If you constantly expose your child to all sorts of punishments and reprisals, it will not lead to good. He can Harbor any resentment toward you, closed. Moreover, he has in the future with your children can be a big problem and misunderstanding. But to permit all impossible.

If the child is not to limit anything, it will become disorderly and spoilt. It will interfere with him at school, and when communicating with children, and then at work. In addition, the child might think his parents simply do not want to engage in his upbringing, and let it go. It is also not good. To fall into these two extremes is impossible, you have to combine both approaches, then to raise a child will be easier, and this education in any case will not hurt his future life and psyche.

The correctness of this judgment can be confirmed by numerous cases and examples. Each of us in life are lucky enough, perhaps, to observe other families. And many of us have formed the same impression about the strict parents. More attractive seem to be precisely those families where children are raised liberally. Such families can be called a model, and put them in an example.

It is not necessary to begin cultivating the discipline of the child from infancy. At this age children do not understand this, they are calm, can not do a lot of serious troubles. Babies need to give love, tenderness and care. But to develop the disciplinary skills should be at age one. Now the child begins to move actively, to understand the world, and often makes it is either outside the box or too active. It is therefore very important to take into account all the individual characteristics of your offspring to education.

No one disputes that there are children angels, in the education which you do not need to exert much effort. But there are kids with character. Here it is with such problems. To encourage your child to listen, no need to swear at him and yell, the more beat. Just need to instill in him the skill to listen to the comments adults. Then the child will quickly realize what you've done, and it won't hurt his psyche.

It is important to remember that the enormous tragedies will never occur. After all, what's the worst that can do a two year old child? Right, nothing! Why we should not strive at once to eliminate all the shortcomings of their child, and educate him discipline, gradually and gradually!