Advice 1: What makes a man, if he likes you

On what grounds can determine that a man in love? Many girls ask themselves this question, but not always correctly understand the situation. Men do not so readily show their feelings, so ostentatious indifference can be mistaken for lack of affection. But if he is too talkative, it can also be suspicious. What are the signs of serious to you by men?
What makes a man, if he likes you
The secret female wisdom that enables us to understand men is to look to those things that testify to his feelings not directly, but indirectly. Beautiful lie you fake, but some symptoms are impossible to fake or, at least, not every time.

The first sign that you are truly hooked this man is persistence. He is willing to do anything and is not afraid to look ridiculous or funny, trying to get your attention.

When a man loves his lady, he doesn't rush, her rush of won't. Forced to sex and insist that sex happened as soon as possible – this behavior is typical for those people who need the most sex, but no feelings in this case speech, most likely, is not.

If you really like the man, he will try to achieve your location, you will not be able to look at others. If he doubts it, asking a few girls, doesn't know who to choose, Dating is not only with you, it clearly points that his side has no serious relationship with any of these girls.

The man who's in love with you, not stingy ua attentions. He will take care of you, will not forget to present a bouquet of flowers to wish happy birthday. He will have a desire to take care of you, to take me home or call you a cab, wear on your shoulders your coat if it's cold outside.

If you really like the man, he does not see your flaws. He accuses you of something, if you have argued, in contrast, calls first and wants to reconcile.

A man who likes a woman, treats her with respect. He will not allow himself to speak rudely in her presence, would not behave ugly towards her.

But signs can be searched and analyzed to infinity, interpreting the same events this way or that way. Try to ask your heart if it feels sincere interest on the part of the men? Still, almost every woman is able to determine that the man is in love with her, just to listen to inner voice and not thinking about the signs.

Advice 2 : How to determine the man that he is in love

As sometimes want to know the thoughts of others, especially the opposite sex. It'd be so much easier. But in our society it is not accepted to openly Express feelings, especially men. From quite observant women will not escape the nonverbal signs that tell about the special attitude on the part of men. So, on what grounds can determine if in love with a man?
What more proof of his love do you need?
First, it will aim to give you as much time as possible. If you notice that he is on his 3 Cup of coffee, drawing out the pleasure, then he is unlikely to be much of a connoisseur of coffee, but rather, the object of his desire pours the coffee into a mug for him. The same applies to his desire to greet you from work, school and escort you to the house.
Secondly, he always wants to hear your voice, see you in the network will require maximum attention, because the man is selfish enough, and if he decides that the woman is his, she must belong to him completely.
If a man talks about his feelings right in the eye, do not look for this trick. As mentioned above, to Express their feelings not accepted, but the man say about love much harder than women. After all, he must be strong, and strong men somehow does not fit with the "calf tenderness". So after hearing a confession from her man, only rejoice. Note, however, that the failure to hear the forest of death, so if this is not the man of your dreams, it is better not allow the situation to his confession, otherwise severely razvite it.
He genuinely wants you. Platonic love is certainly beautiful, but a real man experiencing real sexual attraction to the woman he loves. By itself, sex, is not talking about love, but he is an integral part of the multifaceted world of couples. However, for the sake of his beloved, he is willing to wait a year or more. Just because you interest him, not only as an object of desire.
He is ready for you, if not all, then a lot. It will substantially change our plans, we will call to the dry cleaners, even if it is not on the road, only if you ask him, he will try to do everything to please you. Romantic things to which it pushes the love can be truly unexpected: to give a big bouquet to get to the window on the ledge, put the name of a beloved on the sidewalk. All are capable of loving a man, and he does it sincerely. It is important that you appreciate his efforts. Even if you don't like the colors or have an Allergy to them – thank him, because you was really nice, and about your allergies will tell you later.

Advice 3 : How to determine that he is in love with you

To understand whether he is in love with you, or just feels friendly sympathy, sometimes it's not easy. Some men, for various reasons, can send girls mixed signals so that it is easier to decipher spyware report, than to understand their intentions. On the one hand, you would never want to be in a compromising position, to seem obsessive or desperate. On the other, so you want to know what he feels. What to do? Look and listen to him carefully.
How to determine that he is in love with you
You will need
  • Interest
  • Observation
  • Elementary knowledge from the field of psychology
Pay attention to his body language.
When a man is interested in a woman, he tries to be as close as possible to it. During a conversation turns to the companion of his whole body, leans in her direction, catching her gaze. Being on the other end of the room, it will still from time to time to try to make eye contact with you.
Catch his glance for yourself and pay close attention to the pupils. If they dilate at the sight of you, he definitely feels attracted to. Keep in mind that your eyes, if you like what you see, with the same readiness will give you to him.
Watch his behavior.
Seeing an attractive woman for him, the man starts to behave as a peacock. He straightens her hair, tie, cufflinks, zipper pulls on the jacket and otherwise preening. If a woman far away from him, he unwittingly begins to raise his voice in conversation to attract her attention. Gradually it will move around the room to be closer to that which it entails. This behavior is almost impossible to take control because it is inherent in us by nature. Because it we are just males and females, following the instincts.
Compare his behavior.
Pay attention to how he behaves with other girls. If it is equally uninhibited with everyone all trying to put his arm around her, laughing, before each "fluttering her tail," this is a bad sign. But if he is all relaxed and natural, and you are timid and shy, it is an indicator that you are more important to him than others.
Analyze what he is talking to you.
If he asks more of you than talking about himself, he's definitely in love. It is only the object of passion may be of interest to more than himself. If he in interested in your interests then you definitely cause him concern. If he teases you a little, he wants guaranteed to capture all your attention.
Take a look and listen to others.
Usually someone from the our love more visible than the one in whom we love. If his friends tease him when you're around, they either know, or notice something you miss.

Advice 4 : What if the man's not calling

There is no statistical information on how many phones were in a rage thrown out the window or smashed. Most likely, not even considered as a basis for this behavior and watch those excruciating moments when a man your whole life does not ring.
What if the man's not calling
At all times loving, leaving, kept in touch with each other. They wrote letters and sent messengers, they were helped by pigeons and understanding people. Centuries pass, but still important to know everything that's going on with their mate. With the advent of the telephone, much has changed: it became possible to hear the voice of his beloved. Now often expect a letter or a short note, phone call or SMS message.Perhaps, every girl starts to feel anxiety when a loved one is not interested in and do not like about ourselves. To call - because it's so easy! Appears festering soul concern: "why isn't he calling, and if everything is in order"?Interestingly, for women the very fact of the phone call is of great importance. This was confirmed by a number of sociological studies on this topic. It turned out that men and women absolutely have different opinions of telephone communication. For example, from a male point of view, it is not necessary to call immediately after a first date. Moreover, men do not love often long to talk on the phone even with the woman. While the fairer sex are eager to hear a familiar voice after the last meeting. In their opinion, this demonstrates a serious interest men in the development of relations.When you all possible and impossible timelines, a reasonable question arises: what to do? The most effective in this situation is the advice: do not try to find her blessed. If you're too persistent, you can achieve the opposite effect. He'll just try to forget your phone number. Even if the first date is mutually liked and gave a pleasant chat, give time to themselves and to him. According to etiquette, a man may not to remind myself about a week, there is nothing to be ashamed of.Do not be discouraged if your partner doesn't call. The reasons can be myriad: broken phone, some urgent business at work, important trip, etc. moreover, many men do not even think about what for you has a special significance in the fact that it needs to warn you about the possible absence or employment.If your relationship can be called sustainable, then call him. An easy conversation it is easy to attend and enjoy the fellowship. Speaking of which, manm likes it very much. However, try to keep your conversation short. Subsequently, it is better to negotiate with your lover how to react in situations where, for whatever reason, you don't call each other.

Advice 5 : How to determine what you like man

The lady fluent in the language of the body, it is not difficult to understand whether she liked the man. Gestures, movements, looks carry some meaning, deciphering which woman is easily distinguished by his attraction to her from common courtesy.
How to determine what you like man
The behavior of the men in front of women and his reaction to the statements of ladies to signal about how much he liked his companion. A man tries to be different, to stand out from the crowd, especially when around it is rivals. Sometimes this desire is reflected in his gait. Passing by his favourite ladies, the man instinctively tries to straighten your shoulders and straighten up.
In a large company, the man will try to be in the centre of attention, to attract the object of sympathy for his person. But not all men know how to do this, among men, many shy people. To understand, sympathize with, whether such person is a woman, according to his views. Watching the reaction to any ladies, he would often throw at her unexpected views.
The voice is able to give the man head. He trembles if a person is anxious, increases when a person is angry, but if a man talks to a woman he likes, his voice becoming soft and low.
Some gestures are also signs of sympathy. For example, quite often men, talking with the ladies, correct tie, pulls collar or smooth a hair. All this speaks in favor of the man like a lady, and he tries instinctively to put himself in the proper form.
The smile is not always possible to determine how one person relates to another, but to confuse a sincere smile, expressing sympathy, it is hardly possible with any other smile. If a man likes a woman, he will try to smile in reply. However, he will catch her gaze, trying all kind show their interest.
In the sight of men openly displaying sympathy for the woman, always show interest and respect for their counterparts. His eyes are wide open, the look expresses a real sympathy, not hostility, on the contrary, only kindness and a desire to learn attitude.
If you are not able to understand from the first meeting whether you liked the man, observe his future behavior. If he will look for a reason to meet with you again, this is a good sign.

Advice 6 : What if the man does not love you

Why the man in the beginning of a relationship, romantic, showing gallantry, says compliments, and then, after a certain time, changing and behaving as if he lost interest or fell out of love? No matter how it might sound corny, it's all about men's psychology, as we know, man is by nature a hunter. Initially, therefore, he makes every effort that the woman was "his", and then when he achieved it, he lost interest. So, what can you do to revive his feelings for you?

What if the man does not love you

What is the difference between male psychology his feelings to the woman directly depend on the interest that it raises. For example, if a man is cheating, he's not doing this because of love, because seeking new experiences. Thus, to return his feelings, it is necessary to cause in it interest you, and then permanently or from time to time to maintain interest.

To intrigue the man in the early Dating, a lot of effort is not required - enough female coquetry. But if you are long enough together, should be a different tactic.

What is of interest to men? Something new, unknown to him that he wants to solve. That's why they say a woman should be a mystery to men. Actually, you don't need to do something or play a puzzle. For men - is itself a mystery, a mystery which he cannot understand until the end. Femininity is something that is in you by nature, what makes the strongest unarmed man.

What is the femininity? It is not only the wisdom and softness and understatement, understatement. You can live with a man for many years, but he never to the end will not unravel. Therefore, the first rule to maintain a man's interest: not to open up to him completely. May you (and he) will be some personal space.

In any case, he did not impose himself. Its communication, opinions, feelings. Men do not like when they impose something, they need to take the initiative. Allow it to manifest for you. If you are in need of male assistance, take the time to show that you can handle it. Encourage his every action, when he cares for you (open the door for you, carry bags from the store, to meet you after work, etc.). It will behave like a gentleman if you behave like a lady.

No need to think that the man must have something to love, to care, to change, etc. Your task - not to force him to do something, and to do so, that he wanted to do it. To him it was nice to take care of you. Another frequent error is the blame. Reproaches from men, nothing can be achieved, can only cause mutual irritation or quarrel.

At the same time, do not think that you all should catch it and please. Also, do not dwell on your relationship. Interested in something new, get new experiences, communicate with different people, be self-sufficient.

A man may lose interest in a woman when he thinks she's completely won. You need to shake this confidence. Let him see that you like other men. You can flirt a little to see this (the main thing not to overdo it).

If to no avail, you can simply leave a man for a while. Of course, there is a risk that he'd be gone. If that happens, you can then find another person who you really love. If your man wants you to return, then, when familiar with your feelings. In this case he will realize that he needs you, will you cherish and do not want to lose them again.

Advice 7 : Signs that a man is in love

Not all men are able to speak openly about their feelings. Some fear rejection, are shy, don't want to rush. And women are looking for certainty. And there were signs without words to understand that a man in love and is serious.
Signs that a man is in love
A man in love often calls me, interested in business, offers Dating. In that case, if the partner is not waiting for the initiative, and he is active, we can say that he has a strong interest in the woman. It definitely calls back, if he sees a missed call from her, texting throughout the day, trying to reach her in the evening to see that everything is in order.
Love the man tells the woman about his plans. He warns that working late, he will trip, he has planned a meeting with friends, etc. It does not disappear suddenly disconnects the phone and is always available. He does not doubt in their own integrity, behaving responsibly, and values.
A man in love tries to make gifts. Not always expensive (it all depends on his well-being). It may be a rose, presented during a joint dinner, candy, sweets, etc. Besides, the man wants to know what a woman wants and fulfill her dream. It is not necessarily material value - car, jewelry etc can be a journey to an exotic country, a ticket to the premiere of the movie or play, champagne on the rooftop under the starry sky and much more. A man in love wants to do something nice for his partner and finds various ways to please her.
The man who is in love, introduces his girlfriend to friends and relatives. He wants people close to him became friends and got to know each other. Besides, the man wants the woman to prove the seriousness of his intentions, and familiarity with friends and parents is the best proof.
A man in love is discussing a future together. He talks about vacations, planned together, consults with a woman, what you'd like her. He starts talking about living together, about family and children.
The man who is in love with, maybe a little jealous. Usually it passes, he learns to trust his partner. But sometimes doubts in fidelity of the woman chasing a man all his life. This happens most often with insecure men. In this case, the partner should try to convince the man that he is the best and most beloved. Then he, most likely, cease to torment yourself and the beloved.
In love with the man cares about the woman and tries to help her. He takes on domestic problems, meets her on the car with work, helping with various chores on the weekends. He was pleased to give the woman a favor, he was glad that might be helpful.
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