Advice 1: What makes a man, if he likes you

On what grounds can determine that a man in love? Many girls ask themselves this question, but not always correctly understand the situation. Men do not so readily show their feelings, so ostentatious indifference can be mistaken for lack of affection. But if he is too talkative, it can also be suspicious. What are the signs of serious to you by men?
What makes a man, if he likes you
The secret female wisdom that enables us to understand men is to look to those things that testify to his feelings not directly, but indirectly. Beautiful lie you fake, but some symptoms are impossible to fake or, at least, not every time.

The first sign that you are truly hooked this man is persistence. He is willing to do anything and is not afraid to look ridiculous or funny, trying to get your attention.

When a man loves his lady, he doesn't rush, her rush of won't. Forced to sex and insist that sex happened as soon as possible – this behavior is typical for those people who need the most sex, but no feelings in this case speech, most likely, is not.

If you really like the man, he will try to achieve your location, you will not be able to look at others. If he doubts it, asking a few girls, doesn't know who to choose, Dating is not only with you, it clearly points that his side has no serious relationship with any of these girls.

The man who's in love with you, not stingy ua attentions. He will take care of you, will not forget to present a bouquet of flowers to wish happy birthday. He will have a desire to take care of you, to take me home or call you a cab, wear on your shoulders your coat if it's cold outside.

If you really like the man, he does not see your flaws. He accuses you of something, if you have argued, in contrast, calls first and wants to reconcile.

A man who likes a woman, treats her with respect. He will not allow himself to speak rudely in her presence, would not behave ugly towards her.

But signs can be searched and analyzed to infinity, interpreting the same events this way or that way. Try to ask your heart if it feels sincere interest on the part of the men? Still, almost every woman is able to determine that the man is in love with her, just to listen to inner voice and not thinking about the signs.

Advice 2 : How to please a girl

If the guy raises the question of how to become a pretty girl, he can immediately prepare to listen to the Council prescribing to be yourself. Farewell is banal will sound, among many others. To deny the correctness of this Council it is impossible, but it is not enough just to pretend. To please a girl you can, with a little effort. Somewhere will take a little bit to adjust behavior, and a place to make beautiful or useful.
How to please a girl
You will need
  • Flowers.
Always meet on clothes, so at least you should be dressed neatly and with taste. To impress her, you need to be well maintained. Most girls don't like stubble, long nails, bad smell, elongated sweatpants trampled sneakers, nesochetaemoe garments. But to overdo the glamour is not necessary. Turning himself in Sergey Zverev, you will be able to bring a smile, but not sympathy. Too strict a way as will not contribute to free communication.
If you agreed with the girl on a date, be sure not to be late. Punctuality is a quality that will appeal to any girl.
The girl will also appreciate if you presented her with flowers or another romantic trifle. Most importantly, your gift not inconvenienced during the meeting.
To fall in love with a girl, make it with you was interesting. If you go on a date, supplies several options of places you could visit. Before you offer your ideas, inquire as to whether the girl to go somewhere else.
Be helpful to present yourself in the best light. Miss the girl forward, open the door for her, give a hand, offer a jacket if it's colder. It is preferable not to wait until the young lady would say that she is not satisfied and wishes to warn girls.
To please the girl, talk to me on a date. Not the best option and your monologue in which the lady will not be able to insert a single word. You should not fall into any of these extremes. Ask the girl questions about herself, so you will be easy to balance. Try to keep the conversation in a positive way about nice things. Talking with a girl, forget about the obscene words and expressions.
Escort the girl home, thank for the nice time, and Express hope for a new date. Wait until the girl enters the apartment, and do not rush to their heels immediately after she walks to the entrance. If the girl thinks to look out the window or look back, she is unlikely to enjoy to see your shiny heels.
Never come on a date with a friend.
Useful advice
It is not necessary to imitate someone and to adapt to the tastes of any girl. For a long time to build yourself something you are not, is very difficult. In addition, you want to fall in love girl in yourself, not in a fictional, mythical character.
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